Zevv warrior PVE hireling build

Just want to share my current hireling that I’M using to clear 1k+ floor. This build can 1 hit mythic enemiesnas long as there are other mobs arround the mythic enemy for frozen explosion. I don’t have the video yet as I’m lazy to download a video recorder.

Aetherial Drain

Crystal affix:
Crit Chance
Crit Damage
2x Deady Strike (you can replace 1 with Crushing Blow)


Legend affix:
4x Elemental Damage (Ice)
2x Elemental Critical (Frostbiting)
2x Glasscannon
2x Push the limit
Ignore Resist
*the rest is up to you. I just used item drops for farming.

Epic affix:
5000 weapon damage
50% weapon damage
MP on hit

Glinting Hammer
Aether Wrap
Aether Cover
Masochist Fetish



Special skill:
*just use amber to change it



Very niceee :smiley:

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No crushing blow? That really helps for when you face hard enemies that won’t die for frozen explosion unless you use crushing blow. I’m guessing this is meant to go along with a farm build because of luck? Oh well, for farming, I wouldn’t need crushing blow. For pure dps, yes if I floor hike.

That is some high push the limit for sure. Well good luck anyways with the build. This is well built :slight_smile: .I would definitely use that as a hirling farm build where main is farm build like fortune bringer for eg. Thanks for sharing :thumbs_up:

Yes, this is for farming. I can still 1 hit mythic enemies with this build on floor 1k+. If time comes that I cant 1 hit them anymore I’ll change 1 deadly strike to crushing blow.

My main is maxed luck, item drops and dodge with epiphany to survive. Just used it to loot items haha. By the way I’m currently hunting eternal seven deadly sins for collection.

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Awesome! I can see alot of improvement for pure dps reason but that will be something of another day. Preferably patch 2.3. Not sure when patch 2.3 will be released but the build is as good as it is.

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awesome build +1 .though it lack survivality maybe thats the only cons. how about changing frozen or permafrost to rage affix for more burst dmg w/ ur 60 deadly lol

I’m looking at removing aetherial drain and replace it with rage since since I already have nova but will test it first since I need MP because of 100% push the limit.

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ya thats why i didnt suggest etherial drain to be remove cuz im also thinking about dat 100 push limit … but i think u can stil do well even without it cuz of mp on hit.

I’ll max my pet first and see if MP will be enough. Just got that pet hahaha

ya thats a better idea. im too unlucky in pet affixes lol … i got to eternal pet yesterday but 1 is satyr horrible stat 2nd is terashaper tanky stat too. i think youll need crushing blow around 1700+ flor

Just got momentum eternal pet with horrible stats hahaha. Yes, still need to farm crystals and gold to replace my items haha

How do u get a horn with 100% ED?

@Sacrifice it’s an insolence

oh right i see. I just realized that u can get it from an insolence trap. Thanks

in what floor you can get etenal pet?

u can get on any floor above 2 … use eternalized set to slightly inc chance… i got my 2eternal pet on floor 2 i was hunting enslavers using monster spawn boost

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Thought it’s floor 20 and above haha

no u can actually farm pet starting from floor 2 above … check in the codex pet description is now found everywhere instead of above floor 20


thanks guys.