Zombie Bug

Well i know the Zombie bug is quiet popular.
So my question now is when it ll be fixed ?
And is there any connection between the Zombie bug and the game frezze on Packsize maps ?
regards Tizzu

For me they appear when i have too low fps, most of the time becouse of the packsize map with group of mobs taunted in one place. I think they said they are looking what’s causing this but for now they don’t know why it’s happening (not sure if this true).

Exactly thats the moment my game frezzes for 3sec :confused:

So i assume the fps drops are mainly becouse of performance issues…
Whats up now with the zombie bug its cousing my carry to get stuck which is costing alot of time and decreases
the fun factor and after there was no fix in the last patch’s im quiet confused couse i guess most people dont like it when new stuff gets implemented but there still open still more important things to do.

There are 2 ways to prevent that. Better performance on your phone (overclock maybe, change profile to maximum performance) or one shot mobs so when they are tight together they are instantly dead. I don’t have any fps issues if i have my cpu clock set to maximum but then my battery have issues :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the one shot is working as long as my Carry isnt fixing a “zombie mob”
About improving CPU / RAM im not too sure about that im playing on my S5 where it frezzes soemtimes
and when i play via bluestacks(i gave it 4GB RAM) where its running better but still not even close to 60 FPS
So i dont really thinks its a performance issue on my side i just guess some bad code :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have zombies if I’d don’t have fps issues. But if fps drop to much they appear for me then.