100% dodge?

Can i have 100% dodge on campagain? If yes so what should i do to get it?

Yes the only way too do it is as a rogue using the stealth skill, having a total of +40 in the heroic skill of stealth and having at least 50% reduced CD but no more then 60% reduced CD this will allow you too cast the stealth skill instantly upon it’s affect ending/slightly before it ends stealth provides you with 100% dodge while it is active :smile: :+1:

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And affixes? I cant have 100% dodge from it?

No you may not inherently have 100% dodge through affixes :smile:

So how much i can have from affixes? I quess 80%

I’m pretty sure it caps at 60%.

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60% normally 84% with the maximum rank of epiphany possible and 75% with 5 ranks of epiphany :smile:

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What it mean "powerfull enemies " ?

It means Epic tier and above enemies :smile:

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Ok thanks i need to farm those. Im already after 1 ascension and i stil dont get nadroji

A good way too get a lot of them it too get a hunter ring and make sure too equip it whenever you activate the HP/MP refill pool and the shrines :smile: