"2.1" Kraken's Health [Warrior Build] -PVP

This is my first build posting so I try my best to reach your expectations :smiley: as on the title it is a warrior build that has enough amount of hp for PVP “Player vs Player” ok so lets start…
first is the build for each picture I will explain how I get those items

-Weapon Scoundrel’s Disloyalty this weapon is for wizard I use jasper to this one. About the perfect affix first I remove all the affix that I don’t need and I left the weapon DMG then upgrade the quality to 25% using “Emerald” then I use "Diamond till I get 100% Weapon DMG for the 225% Luck “Obsidian” kinda lucky to get perfect roll :blush:

-Shield Pandora same process to my weapon :wink:

-Armor “Blood Magic” (Mythstones - Hero, Gift, Clarity, Abyss) first I put luck reroll it using diamond tell 225% and blood magic :smiley:

-Helm Normal process first obsidian then topaz

-Ring same process as my helm

-Amulet same to Helm

-Pet I already have this pet since 2.0 first I tho this is only a trash for me because im not using Faun but it give big hep to this build :smiley:

-Trophy got at Legend chest


1st Build beta

2nd Build semi

Final Build -Kraken

Sorry for the long post enjoy reading :stuck_out_tongue:


Im a big fan of tank type build of character… How about your current hp? Can you show it please… :grin::grin:

done editing sorry about it I accidentally post it even it is not done yet you can now view the full information about the build sir go on the beat my build I know someone will improve this build in the future

Aa ok kinda late … Wow amazing build This is the best i saw for tank type… idol :grin::grin:

By the way is this also good for 2v2?

Yes this build is better for 2v2 tanker+attacker

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thats why they should put back the 5k HP instead of 10K, 10k epic HP is way too high, this build is good, but high hp isnt enough at pvp, you still need dmg reduce and dmg heal,
but still good work for drawin such a high HP build like that,

Yes and kinda op for 1v1 30sec is not enough to kill 1m HP…
I also have a armor type but not enought crystal so not release yet balancing some atk/hp/armor

30sec is enough to kill even 1m hp(but no dmg reduce and no heal) so it need to be balance, 1m hp + dmg reduce + hp heal = OP

I already test it and it took 5 round to get the first kill xD …I will note your advice and try to reroll some affix btw I have pet that doing the healing but not much…about the reduce do I need to use perseverance or other affix?

i can kill this warrior in 20 secs ^^


wow nice :slight_smile:

f00kee so stronk <3

Its time to rebuild the my gear lessen the hp and put some good affix on it hahaha

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wow im still at eternal league even if im not playing it anymore nice to see my character again thank you for posting :smile:

So by the way you are a Pinoy? Hehe me too. Is also f00kee is a pinoy? By the way Im the Author of The Running Man Warrior Build feel free to view. I will use your build to create to set build in PVP :slight_smile: Thanks.

thanks for using my build as your base build :blush: ill take a look at it. don’t know anything about f00kee

sir can i ask how did you make your set effect in to 5 when it only contains 1 item of the set?

You can get an affix called +2 all sets and if you have 2 of them equipped you will get rank 5 in any set you equip it can be found on nadroji rings and necklaces as well as obtained by applying an elixer mythstone too a ring or necklace :smile: Hope that helps! :+1: