2.3 (or whatever update it is) Sneak Peek

Drum roll, please!

Okay, no drum roll.

Ta da!



wow thats a perfect curve and the orange color is so perfect

what? :frowning:

Note: This is actually part of an item from 2.3.

when does it came?

Ssh its a secret. You will know when the actual patch comes out. If you still don’t know even after the new patch, then whatever.

Are you guys talking about the new one that boosts stats? You know the one that comes in different colours?

That reminds me. I need to ask the devs how many colours it will have.


7? Gray, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Green

No and sadly there will not be a pink one either. :frowning: I hope maybe next year a pink one will show up.

New items (I look forward to this the most)
Dictionary updates
Codex updates
Description updates
Mechanic changes
Balance updates
Bug fixes

I hope you guys will like the new descriptions and stuff. They will give you a lot more information like default hit frequency, more formula detail and stuff.


I think that high level maps must be more rewarded,more EXP, or more loot. It’s not fair to find more loot at level 200 then 1400. :slight_smile:

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Ikr! Also it’s too easy to find way more loot at 200. What is not fair is that mashochists items, scoundrel, seven deadly sins, epiphany, crystalline, eternalized, mythical, berserker, aethereal drain and smoke screen don’t drop at floor 200 so it is much harder to find them and on top of that, you find alot less loot dropping at high floors. I don’t mind that they need floor 300 to 750 but what ticks me off is that loot dropping is lot less frequent, therefore, a whole lot harder time to find thr itrms. That epiphany hat seems too hard to find because of this. If only that epiphany hat dropped at floor 200 lol. Floor 200 is too good in farming because a whole lot of eternals drop, 6mil gold with the right affixes and more legends overall! Also more crystals.

The amount of ultra rare crystal in high floor is better because ultra rare crystal drop really more often. Floor 200 is better for exp/gold grind while 500+ is for good crystal eternal items hunting. Both floors are good for farming crystals, but you also have better chances for better mythstones at 500+.

In short: you need gold/exp? Floor 200. You need a chance for good eternals? Go higher floor. The rest is the same no matter the floor.

My opinion only, not facts.

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Fair enough.

Of course floors between 200 and 500 aren’t good for anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Can u just add another set affix for the ascendent set?? So that it will make a good combo for it since it has no good partner just like frozen+perma, inferno+vamp.touch, or plagued+druidic. Just suggesting… :smiley:

frozen/perma plus ascendent makes no sense or?

He doesn’t mean combining ascendent with frozen/perma. He means the other elements have two sets that pair together, while arcane (ascendent) doesn’t. Seems reasonable that all elements would have sets that work with each other.

Arcane will be getting another set :smile: