2.3 (or whatever update it is) Sneak Peek

and hope you will change it’s elem crit. “orbit” cuz it sucks to see something like that. It looks a whirling chakram caused by Periphery. Very very similar. How about making it look like a foggy one? by the way, the cyclone bug still not fixed. The animation sucks unlike before. I’m complaining cuz that is my favorite mythic since the start and now I’m not making use of it due to it’s animation :disappointed_relieved:

even torrent animation sucks sometimes

Dont know why some of the players still complain about item drop rates. Playing like 30 mins - 1 hour a day on M3 750+ floors does give you all the rare legend items. (that should be a fact, since you would not get to that floor without a good and steady build + hireling)

it is better to play solo than use a hireling more item drop for me

Fair enough. I farm at those floors two but I feel like I lose out sometimes. Oh well, it’s really good to farm there regardless of some restrictions. It’s also just as fun as farming low floors. Gotta get 10+ epiphany hat lol. Want as much as possible for any future build. I’m in love with that hat lol. Even the word apex suggests that it is so good, even before touching it. For some reason, I have good farm build but those hats just ain’t dropping so much. The rings though and amulet as well as gauntlet dropping like rko out of nowhere!

I found finding epiphany rings/amulets difficult but now it’s the epiphany hat. Well, this game wouldn’t be fun without some form of challenge so I like that at the same time as disliking it.

lucky me got 2 ephipany hat yesterday… lastmonth got eternal ephipany hat but converted it wrong move lol… now im kinda bored farming waiting for the nxt update … killing my time playing “nonstop knight” lol kinda similar to dq

I agree with Maiiek, I would only add that you should absolutely take into consideration opportunity cost when choosing to farm floor 500+ vs. floor 100-200.

Why I feel that this should be mentioned:

High level floors = more powerful enemies, likelier chance of dying

More powerful enemies = requires powerful gear on your character
==> powerful gear = less space for farming affixes (Luck; Gold Find; Nadroji, Eternallized, Crystalline sets, etc.)

Less farming equipment = less gold, fewer Legendaries, fewer Crystal & Eternal rares dropping

So although higher levels are better for rare items in addition to dropping Super Rare Crystals, you might find, for example, that you’re actually able to farm Super Rare Crystals faster on lower floors because of speed and more space in your equipment for farming affixes.

Let me take this a step further:

In 11 minutes I can fully clear 3 maps of floor 101, netting me 15m gold and an average of 5 Eternal or Crystal Legendaries, which of course gets me 5 Super Rare Crystals. Total: 11 minutes, 15m gold, 5 SR Crystals

In 11 minutes I can clear 2.5 maps on floor 750+, netting me 6-7m gold and an average of 2 Eternal or Crystal Legendaries, and finding ~1 Super Rare Crystal per floor. If I die a 3rd time (about half the maps), I’ll spend 100k gold to revive which should also be taken into account.
Total: 11 minutes, 6-7m gold, 2 SR crystals from salvaging Crystal / Eternal Legendaries + 2 to 3 looted SR Crystals = 4-5 SR crystals.

The difference might not seem like much but this is only 11 minutes of farming. If you plan to farm for an hour, X all of this by 5, then we end up missing out on 4+ SR crystals every hour by farming higher floors, which is a lot as we know since the later stages of DQ practically revolve on Super Rare Crystals for build customizations.

Taking into account my opportunity costs; the chances of dying, my lack of need for Ultra Rare Legendaries, and the gold and experience difference, I find the lower floor option suits me better. The fact that I can trade my powerful gear in exchange for farming affixes without giving up my boosts from map difficulty (since I stay on M3) makes all the difference to me. Just my two cents though :smile: :smile: :smile:

The only other benefit I’m missing out on is Ultra Rare, Eternal Legendaries that drop on those higher floors and SR Mythstones. I’m truly not a big fan of eternals and I don’t use Mythstones that much, with the exception of Elixir. But I acquire so many low level Mythstones in the lower floors that, if I need an Elixir (which doesn’t happen terribly often) or other high level stone then I just salvage 375 low level stones a few times over for it if I don’t already have one in stock. :blush:

I got epiphany eternal hat. I screenshot it as collection ,then I converted it. I felt like I didn’t need it for the moment. I still don’t get many other epiphany hats but thats ok. I got like 7 rings and 4 amulets of epiphany as well as 5 epiphany gauntlets. That hat just seems so rare lol. Then again, epiphany is kind of a rare legend. But I can buy it in shops so I can’t call it a rare legend like defiant items and stuff. The hat I didn’t see in shop so that might be different story. After all, the hat is very good. Getting a crystal version is cool too.

ya i was waiting for eternal ep hat w/ crystal AS affix that would be perfect haha … lol i have so many defiant oh and mh … the problem is i cant seem to find many ephipany amulet and rings … all about RNG haha

Epiphany ring is very strong but amulet sucks imo

the only important affix on ephipany ring/amulet is the 100%ed and the rest you can change or remove for better affixes

Thats why the amulet is bad, it doesnt hav ed

oh sorry i got confuse the amulet with 100% ed i was talking was the one with cerrebral vortex set affix if i was not wrong

I have to say, I’m equally as excited about the bug fixes as I am the new items xD

When is the update coming?

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I think it should be the way it is. Challenge is good

I love how @Skaul’s troll thread turned into a legitimate 2.3 thread :stuck_out_tongue:
also yes yes I know the lord of DQ has returned after a brief hiatus work was super busy over the last bit but I should be back too being active excluding next Saturday :relaxed:


Also hyped for the new update, hope we get some interesting new legends



noob. I’ll always be the best.

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Fight me nerd :stuck_out_tongue: #votegriffin #skaulislameandsucksattrolling

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maybe wil have 10 commandment set after the 7 deadly sins …the devs are fan of nonatsu no taizai show lel