2.3k mmr


That’s what we call a burn, my friends.




I do I get 2.3k MMR.:sparkling_heart:


Outstanding @HawkEye :facepunch:

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Excellent @HawkEye! :trophy:


Thankyou two @Mr_Scooty and @NUIQUE

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+1 from @NUIQUE :kissing_heart:

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Good Job. :+1: :trophy: :muscle:

go for 2.4k MMR please. @NUIQUE :eyes: beat mah record here.

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Thanks @kiane_zaine.

I can’t for now. Hahaha. Maybe next time but not today homie.

BTW. Hurry get back to top! Div1 misses you really bad now.:heart_eyes:

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@NUIQUE my rogue is somewhere at the arena. one day i will come back. im still figuring some stuff on my new toy. it is different from devices like samsung, iphones, oppo, etc… different OS: MIUI? im new to this. lol. im going to install DQ later. and download my stuff to get back.

the Specs

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Cool phone. :sunglasses:
Excellent specs :chart_with_upwards_trend: :muscle:
for excellent gameplay :muscle::video_game:.

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@NUIQUE yeah! its like driving a Muscle Car on this device. also. just like what you’ve said. im on Div 1. :eyes:

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Nice. You’ll get up there in no time :muscle::oncoming_automobile::muscle:

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