2,500 MMR in V3.1 and +2.2k mmr in 2v2

First if all, I want to thank @kiane_zaine for not chunking off some of my mmr on my way to the feat.
Shooting for stellar mmr is very very difficult. As you go higher when you win you get +0 mmr for nearly all of your matches. You lose you throw ~+70mmr. 2,4K MMR, and a Cheater, plus a piece of my build

There needs to be some implied cooperation along the way.

So this is 2.5k mmr in DQ V3.1

I do not know if it is a game record but my 2v2 mmr peaked more than 2.2k even when the terrifying @Mr_Scooty was still around.

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Many many thanks to everyone:

et. Al.


Many thanks @NUIQUE :heart_eyes:

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i told you… you can do it. @NUIQUE


Thanks pal. I got burned out.

I am glad you stop your game before you get to me in the loops.

Meanwhile my 2v2 mmr is tragically losing hundreds to the internet.

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look as great nuique :heart_eyes:

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No, not me. You are great @HawkEye!