3.0 frozen orb reactor build 💨💨


That’s not the case anymore lol. That was way back in the past before free recorders such as AZ Screen Recorder, Google Play recorder and more come out. Also internal phone recording with game launchers game tools or some other phone screen recorder
It was probably like that on old android versions though and I did have old android versions . I struggled to even screen record without root back then but when I find that AZ Screen Recorder is compatible as well as game launcher, Google play and YouTube gaming recorder , I was glad lol.


@CuzegSpiked Pode me mostrar a sua contrução ?


Here is my frozen orb reactor build but it uses discordance of course if that’s what you are asking?

This one is the most powerful build i’ve done before with using chakram and discordance together with Frozen and many other affixes to really deal so much damage and floor climb a lot. It did change a bit after the patches but its still a really good build.


Thanks, pode me mandar outras builds ?


What other builds you want? I do have a PvP orb build called Will of the force and I’ve seen another frozen orb reactor build made by Cronos called Frozen Throne.