3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build

After testing, experimenting many possible build and tons of crystal burns finally all efforts are paid off.

I call it Frozen Cross-Fire build combination of Ice and fire element.
The main damage for this build is fire with the help of Crushing flames to lessen fast the HP of the enemy and then for the final blow trigger the frozen to explode.

This is hybrid build for hiking at the same time for farming so far so good i reach 3k floor m3 and counting without problem can kill legend and mythic bosses with greatly resist with or without enemy heal map affix.

  • either main character or hireling but it is better for hireling to have max farm build

  • Nature is 4x LUCK and 2x Element

  • Mirror image is a must to trigger the crushing flames with immolation Traps is back up for immolation. And it also capable to crowd control in pack-size map.

  • Can go hiking floors without any problem currently floor 3k+ M3 and counting can kill Legend and Mythic bosses.

  • Fletcher 20 and Angelic set is good combination for fast arrow and eliminate enemy easily

  • Relentless is a must also because we have no Demonic

  • Deception is for survival of the rouge when mirror image is activated enemy have 45% miss chances to hit you.

  • Ambush is back up to trigger the immolation for crushing flames and also crowd control for pack size map.

  • sacrificing 4 slot to enable to max drop rate and 1 slot also for LUCK crystal affix

  • Can dominate 3k+ floor M3 with no problem i will update this again with the highest floor can it takes with this build.

sorry for my bad English hope you like it

i uploaded video also

update Video for hiking floor


Best build on forum yet,very colse to ultimate version :crown:

Base dmg sucks, but that crunshing blow… Indeed most powerful build yet, i think

Almost same build as mine. I have lots different Affixes and tricks to make the Crushing Flames deal 500B per arrow :sunglasses:.

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Instead of having Crit chance and Crit DMG that only deals 50M, Why not make your Crushing Blow 60% ? Though those images only deals high DMG of crushing blows becauae of crushing flame but why not make your Crushing blow 60% ?

Think carefully,does base damage matter ?This is godly build,attacking for death,but not those poor numbers.

I wonder how flintlock would work insteed of bow

Yeah i agreed on @Mandelbrot. When climbing/hiking floors up above, You only need Survivability and HIGH RATE of Hit Frequency when climbing Also Crushing Blow is must needed.

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i already have 2 crystal crushing blow but not perfectly roll. That build is formerly frozen build i change some affix because when it comes with shrine epic and especially legend and mythic monsters the frozen build needs to lure some monster to kill but this fire crushing blow build can stand that monster alone.

Depend do your habbit.I use same core trick,but totaly different on performance.

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hmm if using crushing blow the crit and crit damage do not affect the damage of crushing blow?

Yeah that’s right. Crushing blow not affected by Crits and weaken. It’s also not reduced by enemies resists.

The only thing that changes crushing blow damage is rank of enemy, for instance crushing blow does less damage on mythic enemy compared to magic. Also Crushing Flames can increase crushing blow final DMG by 50% per rank.

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thanks for that info now i know i will update and remove the crit and crit damage after few days.

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I think I just pee’d a 'Lil.

This build looks pretty cool, but i dont have it :sob:

3.0 Set Build :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
Set Affixes :+1::+1:
Legend Affixes :+1::+1:
Good Set Combination :+1::+1:
Perfect Roll :+1:

DoT :-1:

Giving “UNLIKE” doesnt mean Im giving you Bad Comment on your build. It means you need to improved it BETTER.

Having that “AMOUNT of FLYING NUMBERS” in floor 1.5k M3 is too low…

The Set I made in DQ 2.5 is still making 3729249.8930B in Floor 450 M3.
Ascendant + Arcanist Build.

Try to Change Crushing Flames and Masochism.

Try to use some of these set affix :
Inferno, Athereal Drain, Adventurer, Pathfinder.

Hope it helps.

Also if your not satisfied on what I said, Please contact KING @cronos4321

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Stop lying bro,you knew how op this build is :joy:

Same as me :wink:

I will keep this topic on top everyday.Smart players will find someting interesting soon.

@flasher13 Again,best build on forum yet.You walk on the right way :+1:


I didnt said that his/her build is bad. I just want him to know that he/she needs to improve the DoT.

And about the red circle, I don’t what to say. I just forgot what I want to say that time. :joy:
Pardon me…

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thank you for suggesting to improve this build. and currently making some adjustment to this build, im planning to have max crashing blow to 75%. im removing the cri and crit damage. in few days i will posting the adjustment.

OK.Not bad for us :wink:
I will keep this topic on top everyday.Smart players will find someting interesting soon.