3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


Im waiting for this build to be perfect . I like the way he use the Epiphany Bonus and using Bow as Main Weapon. Fast Attack Speed Fast Tick of DoT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


So I was having a look at this again earlier. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have Defiant MH and maybe a Masochist chest piece in place of Adventurer ? Or perhaps in placement of something else? I’m looking at a similar build for a Wizard that I’m busy with at the moment.


Im done in the adjustment to this build and currently testing it in floor 1770 M3. i remove the crit and critical damage and searching for the amethyst i already consume 15pcs of it but no inferno comes out.


Cheering for you im waiting for the new results I like this build


Lmao you hit the point! :laughing:


hehehe nice one bro. can you visit my new thread tyron? need some opinions and suggestions.


Shush !


U should try make aftermath build with that new afixes :smiley: since u used to be fire aftermath god hehe


Im planning to try gun build with this as soon as i farm enough crystals


Wow! Very Amazing build, But I think, I know that crushing blow will not kill the mobs or the monster, so for me the more important is your DPS than crushing blow, 1 Crushing blow is Enough , focus to element damage so you can easily kill it . Im telling in higher floor you need to kill the monster very fast and base on my experience, having high element Damage is More important than having max crushing blow, Try to build Dmg type that can crit hundred billion its more fun than crushing blow.
Im not againts your build just saying!! Hahahaha


Yes gun would work as well, i will try do crushing blow with dagger, after i get enought resources, spend 10x amethyst 4times already while trying to get frozen affix zzzz


Crushing blow dont need your main dmg anymore when the enemy is below 30% all you gotta do is combine crushing blow with demonic especially 3.0 has been released that crushing blow is more overpowered by now due to Crushing Flames set affix (It’ll set your crushing blow final dmg by 250% only when the enemy is immolated) So with the new set affix Crushing flames, All you gotta do is have some 60% Crushing Blow as much as you can for better final dmg and dont forget Immolate :grinning::sunglasses:


lol. Although I did make aftermath farm build destroy 1k instantly due to crushing blow but sure.

Maybe a revamp of fire shock Charged Inferno or something.


I just wonder with this build. What if i just focus kn elemcrit and elemcritdmg. 60%crushing max AS … ed% and raw Ed. While having no dmg inc affixes such as Glascannon barbarian etc and no dmg inc set affixes. Solely rely on blisterring and crushing blow to kill mobs/carto will it work fine?

@flasher13 hows ur survival without relying on stealth goin on pack mobs map?


Your right @roykiyoy. All you gonna need an affix is Crushing Blow % (Better with Epiphany) and Immolate %. If your item slots still has space, Go for (2) 45% Reduced CD and 20 Stealth for perma stealth and Survivability or maybe not. Its on you


Glasscannon, Barbarian, PTL etc. Doesnt boost crushing blow’s dmg. Only Crushing Flames.


Yeah surething bro. Gotta check it out later, Heard you made another funky Twisty build :smile:


Now i know what your talking about bro near ultimate build i witness it in 1950k floor. Its mind blowing flying numbers.


No problem in packsize mobs and carto and shrine epic even legends but mythic is exceptional.


I made some adjustment again now i truly understand your 1st comment. And pros can adjust it to the fully ultimate version.