3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


Has anyone made a similar build for wizard? -Newbie Player


Execute DMG would probably help out killing the mobs once crushing blows stop being super effective. That with relentless should help get the mobs down a bit quicker


Yeah probably but they won’t share yet lol


Is there any update on your build ? What floor can it hike? I’m shy to post my Ultimate Rogue Build because Set Affix are too old
:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: and I need some ideas… By the way the set I made is going chill on floor 2200 M3.


2260 floor m3 on going trillions of damage i will upload video once i reach 3k floor. later i will upload some screen shot internet connection in PH is so turtle grrrrrrrrrr


im currently testing this build for legendary monsters with high resist and mythic monsters some of them can kill easily but some also are tough one. One i encounter super tough mythic monster is the 4 element high resist with gracious and extra health.


How about if your enemies have THORNS affix, did they kill you as a result of back damage???


thorns can’t kill anyone


But if your health turns in to lowest point, and something hits you, you probably die, right?


but i think frozen is the best way to kill mythic monster with full high resist some of mythic cant kill this build but Carto and epic enemies can kill easily, normal monsters in floor 2k+ is one hit trillions of damage per hit


you would die anyway, cause only high floors matter


By the way, I’m in the track of farming some legends toake it crafting dust just to unlock powerful items, maximizing my NADROJI into 8, with 2 NADROJI BONUS, helps me to find eternal equipments in every other floor, got 2 eternals with crystal affix at floor 280+ :smiley: just got very lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


this build can go 2250 floor m3 and counting i find difficulty when the mythic monster is summon and currently experimenting to find ways to kill high resist mythic. this build is pure fire with no stock debuff.


IGNORE RESIST will really ignore their high resistance, I thought so


i think its no i tried also that and no effect with mythic monster. single damage arrow in mythic monster is around 7b-20b per hit of the arrow.


Yes use Ignore Resist BECAUSE when you face same element like FIRE, :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Goodbye DMG… instead of Numbers are flying, RESIST’S gonna fly.

Please make it fast to go 3k I wanna know how long is your build can it takes.


90% weaken + ftw. Actually 180% weaken even better :slight_smile: .


testing this build currently floor 2.3k and counting still trillion damage per hit of arrows. And my observation the more floor you go the more the damage of crushing blow so im expecting in floor 3k to have quad trillion damage per arrow.


if you encounter legend or mythic monster with 2-4 element high resist with gracious it takes time to kill and sometimes it will not kill im on test of it if i can find combination to kill this monster i will post it here also


oh i will make this combination. thanks for suggesting bro :slight_smile: i will update this build as soon as i reach 3k floor