3.0 Rouge Halo-Halo Special Build (PVE)

Hello there im here again to share my build again. This is my prototype build but when i adjust some of its affix and Boom! you gonna like it to try.

  • Can take up to 3150 floor M3 thats the highest floor so far i reach and counting no problem in map size and epic boss even legend and mythic boss.

  • Do not use map affix Heal Enemy this where the epic, legend and mythic boss are tough so just roll your map.

  • Use ELEMENT nature 6x

  • Test floor from 3k m3 up to 3150 m3 for verification of the build to test the damage and survival even legend and mythic boss can kill easily

Hope you like it again…

Video uploaded. Recorded earlier


Lol I like the build and the build name

I’m wondering if you order and say “Prismatic ice dessert” instead of saying “halo halo” lmao

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Such a amazing build,do you have a video can share to us to see how stronger about this suit ? Thanks.

yes i cant deep my English so i choose halo halo :grin:

if my connection is stable i will upload video for now its like a turtle

May ganitong build ako kaso Flintlock tapos walang Crushing flames haha. How much is the max Crushing blow damage youve seen yet for this build? And how about the normal hit?

in floor 3k+ m3 billions and trillions flying i will upload video soon if my connection is stable

Prototype build pa pala, hintay nalang ako sa ultimate hehehe nice one kasi Frozen/Electrocution na combo hihi

Does electrecution works even if u dont have the shock effect max affix? And is this solo or with othr char…cuz im thinking how do u survive on high floors.

this is the final build. I test it 2days before posting it here and fix some of affix but you can adjust it on your own but so far this build can take floor 3k+ easily

i guess it works but well wait to the others comment and suggestion.

Is this solo or hireling??

either solo or hireling but better hireling to max your luck, gold and drop rate.

Ok i see. I’ll try dis build of yours it seems interesting. And whats the skill special skill of OH, is it stealth or traps??

you choose what you like i use this as my hireling i will upload video of this build.

khit isang elem crit affix lng ok na… palitan mo nlg ung isang red affix sa cap mo… may elem crit ka nmn sa ring mo… pde dn palit mo nlg sa 400% explosive mas maganda… :grin:

video added after 30mins of uploading grrrrrrrrrrrr

im out of crystal thats my last roll crystal so no choice :joy: and i like also high elemental critical to trigger always their element crit

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yeah i feel ya… but ur elem crit is almost maxed out… u can reroll it next time… hahaha :joy:

yeah i will update this soon, farming crystal while hiking floors