3.0 Rouge Halo-Halo Special Build (PVE)


@flasher13 is it good also for solo… because I only have one character… only a rogue?


Why u use Frozen Set with no Ice Damage ? Is the Ascendant Set affixs freeze enemies ?


It will still work even if you dont have ice damge. The thing with ascendant is, it has a chance to change the element of your attack same with elements set though it doesnt reduces the enemy’s other resists.


Yes its also good for solo. We have the same situation. You just have to change the electrocution affix in exchange for survivability set like deadly arts. I believe in order for electrocution to work it must have a shock effect affix which is absent in his build. If you want to use electro set just get the cap or the vial item not the amulet cuz the electro bonus doesnt work. Just tweak some of his affixes to ur preferences cause some of his affixes are way to over the cap. The bread and butter of his build is the crushing flames, 200+ weaken, max crushing blow, arcanist and specially the ascendant set for it to be called halo-halo.


Btw you should name your build “halo-halo meltdown” cause it literally melts the resists of the bosses and mobs.


I think electrocution works with it even without the max effect +1 the only thing can trigger electrocution is electric/shock attack that can debuff the enemy as long as you can attack electric/shock electrocution will works just like crushing flames, only immolation can trigger the crushing flames that is my observation.


we need some expert to explain how electrocution works


Yeah i need a thorough explanation about it AHAHAH


Simples, increase DMG by 50% per stack debuff so at 4 stacks, it’s 200%. If 5 stacks, total 250% DMG increase. That 250% DMG increase along with 62.5% increased DMG from 5 stack debuff. The 5 stacks is only possible with 1+ Shock effect Max.

I think Hirling Stack Debuff can count into electrocution to fully maximise it.

That’s basically total increased DMG= Over 400% increased DMG by shock alone. That electrocution is extremely good.


so even without the +1 shock effect max you can get the 50% from electrocution?
and then the +1 shock effect max is to additional 50% to the stock debuff?

for example

the default debuff of electrocution is 4 so (4x50%)=200% if you want to add another 50% you will use +1 shock effect max.

thanks bro your so smart as ever


Yup. Right you are. I remember getting the OP version of electrocution when testing the 3.0 before it came out and man even the 50% DMG per stack at (5) is still extremely powerful but balanced enough :slight_smile: .


thanks bro im currently testing fire and electric now i know what to do


Just curios : If I damage a mobs, one enemy “die first” with the huge damage stack below 25% HP and “explode” damage others, will the others get that huge stack damage multiples increase like Frozen Set ?


I think only hits by shock will be debuff and its default number is 4 monster only assuming. When frozen explode the impact of explosion is ice so theirs no stock debuff with the explosion. Better ask again to our some expert :grin:


They will get the huge stack damage.


update floor hiking 4.2k m3 floor still dominating also :heart_eyes:


did my best to copy the build. But sad rolls on ruby.


still work as main ?


Yup all working fine will update soon after my pc get back from repair.


you play it in PC? wow