3000+ TeaCup's SandBox Build

So you’ll have to excuse the pet, this build is purely for limit testing and i don’t condone what i did to obtain it :eyes: … im sure you could tweak the build a little and achieve very similar results

First off: the ‘blueprints’

The idea is to use the +100% damage per pierced from the +40 Whirlingblades heroic to exponentially multiply the damage delt by x2 for each enemy hit

As far as gameplay goes, you cast two basic MH attacks to build up fury, cast CoatWeapon, then run into the middle of a bunch of enemies and cast Whirlingblades

I’ll post a video during my break tomorrow… this clears 3000, but struggled at 4000

Here’s a little pvp vs the dummy

Here’s floor 2200

And while im at it, a screenshot on floor 3800 so you can see the ‘before Frozen set effect’


What a perfect affix within the pet :flushed:

Why did you use block instead of dodge? To make the Pathfinder more stronger

It has max block and dodge haha, still gets caught out sometimes tho

The dodge comes from:
Dexterity +10%
Base +10%
Dmg +15%
Pet +20%
x2 Epic +20%
TOTAL: +75%



Dude what is base means the nature of the item?

Nono haha that would be evasion nature;
in the build, im using strength nature for crit damage

Base dodge is 10%… if you took everything off your gear and had absolutely nothing, you would still have 10% dodge

And another note, if you’re playing warrior, equiping a shield gives 10% block too… i believe its the only item that does anything like that

  • if anyone knows of any other items like the shield, do let me know haha

would your build need any other affixes/natures if you put Crystal Dodge on the Ragnarok? that could mean an extra Frostbiting on the OH.

cool Eternal Scout (super jealous).


The build was just a kind of proof of concept, my current max floor is around 6800, this build isn’t for farming and it wont even clear 4000 so i wont be using it
I wanted to put a potential build idea out there that doesnt require crushingFlames lol
I wont be putting this into arena btw because of that pet… but i do have a very very nice eternal lilith


Same here HAHAHA it feels like the pet is on a chear code :joy:

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Just gonna reiterate that you read the first paragraph? Lol

Here’s the video i promised, the only change here was Ballista instead of Masochism as per Cuzeg’s recommendation
This is floor 3001, it did struggle a tiny bit, but it passed


Nice build, an insta kill but it takes time for the set up.


seeing you on floor 3k makes me want to do some Climbing again, but almost up to Perk 6 for my Rogue & Warrior Team, so I have to wait. my Wizard is getting closer to 2k.