(6) Affix

Hello. how can i upgrade the green affix in my equip?

There are 3 ways:

  1. Put a set affix (green) of the same name on every gears you wore.

  2. Wear a Stone of Nadroji (ring) & Nadroji’s Crystal (amulet), because of +2 set numbers.

  3. Socket an Elixer (mythstone) on ring & amulet, because of +2 all sets.

but how come i saw someone wears different affixes with levels of 6 and 5?

Start with set A equipped in one slot for (1) A, and set B equipped in two other slots.for (2) B

Get +4 sets from some combination of Nadroji and Elixer.

(1) A with +4 sets = (5) A
(2) B with +4 sets = (6) B

You can only have +4 sets, but you can combine that with 4 equipped slots and reach the max of (8) if you really wanted to.