ABOUT % and +

where do the % base ? in + ?

for example : i need to put +5000 ice damage . if i put the 100% ice damage . it means my +5000 will have xtra 100% . so it will be +10000 ice damage ? and now what if i put only ice damage 100% . i will not put the +5000 ice damage , where my 100% ice damage base ?

if i have 3 affix with 100% ice damage . my ice damage will be 300% ? if i only have 1 affix with +5000 ice damage . my ice damage will be +15000 ? or if i have 3 affix with +5000 ice damage . and i have 1 affix with 100% ice damage . my ice damage will be +30000 ice damage ? tell me if im wrong .

i think in stat pages they would have put the element damage % and + . so you will know if how many element damage you have . i dont know the formula T__T

The formulae, if you can get your head around it, is here.

Do some searching on the forums as it’s explained in a couple of different places.

Hope that is helpful.

Actually, this link is better for explaining it.

Because of the way damage is calculated 100% elemental damage is vastly stronger the +5000 elemental damage and you should always choose the 100% elemental damage over the +5000 :smile:

haha idont understand the forumla given by bowandarrow ^^ im so sorry . @Griffin012 i thought the % is base in + . like this . when you have +5000 elem dmg . and you have 100% elem dmg . your total elem dmg is 10000 ^^ haha! but what if you dont have +5000 elem dmg ? you only have 100% elem dmg ? would the elem dmg effect ?

Elemental damage% will multiply your other damage but won’t actually multiply +elemental damage which is why elemental damage 100% is better :smile:

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haha! thanks so much bro . i message u . check ur inbox

wow, well i learned something, good to know.

one last question griffin . about pierce in mythstone zenith . +2 pierce . what does mean ?

No clue haven’t had a chance too mess with it yet :smile: