About Eternal, Legend, Crystal, and Mythical Items

Hello guys just wanna know if what is the most powerfull set of items? and the ultimate end game set, im kinda confuse, do i just farm for good items or craft it with stones and crystal? Does a full mythical+crystal crafted item any good?


There’s no actual “BEST” set, if there was, everyone would have the same build and it would be boring. There is however, good combinations of affixes, to form a custom set/build. Look around the guide section for specific builds, most of them explain how to use them and where to use them.

About the crafting part, there are some items that are very good as they are (Eternal Obsidian Daggers) but mostly, you’ll be doing a ton of crafting to get a good build, but the base items of some of these builds will require you to farm what we call “Rare Legends”, these are legends which has affixes that can’t be achieved from crafting. Perfect examples would be Vaccus Bow (Weapon Damage 100%), Mutiny (Elemental Damage 100%) Nadroji Items (Nadroji affix, Blind, Stun Immune, +2 Set) etc.
Hope this helps.



The best gear is crafted with CS / MS. :smile:

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply guys, it really helps me to understand more… Thanks

That’s what we’re here for. :wink:

Common item even can be the best,as @saintwave said, there’s no actuak “BEST” set ;), but you might try to roll the affix until you feel it’s good for you, depends which mode are you playing, pvp or pve or both.

Anyway, if you have a legends item, but you have a bad affix on it, it’s will be bad, i think in aboutequipment, we just need to focus on the affixes,nature,talents, not the legends /mythics /crystal/rare/epic/magic/common/eternal prefix.