About to hit 99

Hey all,

I’m about to hit 99 at some point today for the first time and I just wondered what options I have available? I’ve seen something where you reset to level one but get to select a bonus? Do I just keep doing that till I have all the bonuses and then focus on gearing up and things? Any guidence would be appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!

Yeah you can get,
Accomplished-reduce’s requirements to complete feats by 25%
Enshrined-Increase’s effectiveness of shrine’s by 300% and increase’s shrine count by 1
Hunter- Spawns 1-3 shrine Champs ( DOES NOT stack with Hunter Mythic Skill)
Treasured-Increase’s chance’s to find Enternal and Crystal legends by 300%
Fortunate-Give’s 200% luck and gold find to Drops(Beyond Cap) Increase’s pick up radius by 5
Dealer-Increase’s Gold vaule from selling items by 1000%

Those are the bonuses you get when you ascend choose wisely :smile:

Would you say it would be worth ascending to get them? Is there a prefered order to take them? Also, I’ve read somewhere that your gear gets moved to your inventory and replaced with level 1 gear? Does that actually happen or does it just get destroyed or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is absolutely worth ascending too get them
I would suggest taking fortunate first because of the strength of the buff and the convenience of the pick up radius
And finally yes all your gear gets moved into your inventory and you get level 1 blank gear :smile:

Fab! Thank you. I was thinking about picking that one first anyway. Well, either that one or dealer. Guess I’ve got alot of leveling ahead of me then… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup that you do :+1: :stuck_out_tongue:

@VoWiParadox Btw when you hit lvl 50 you can use you Lvl 100 gear i firgured that out the other day because i myself just ascended :relaxed:

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Griffin i know you’ve ascended but what ascension are you on?

Awesome thanks! So at level 50 I can use the gear I’m wearing now then basically?


Griffin has an eternal ascension

You win,my friend :sweat_smile:Could you set your toon ai?Iet me know how I lose.

@soul_reaper071601 I’m Griffin the Green for a reason :sunglasses:

@majin_buu sorry I’m doing my best too avoid any of the general PvP stuffs on the forums and just enjoy it the way I do most so I shall remain silent :smile:


Oh my xD I was doing arena then I was against a warrior with a lance which kinda 1 shot me… happy days :L One day I’ll get revenge :wink:

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@Griffin012 sucks.

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@griffin012 is the best you can tell because people keep calling them god for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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It should be Griffin the Eternal!


Hell yeah that’s the pun I was going for finger pistols and a dank pun high five :sunglasses:

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Don’t encourage him :wink:


Griffin the Terrible.

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