Accomplished: A Beginners First Perk!

Accomplished: Reduces Requirements To Complete Feats By 25% (Rounded Up).

Kill Enslaver Feat requires you to defeat 200 Enslavers to get 1 Legend Pet Reward. with Accomplished, you only need to defeat 150 Enslavers to get 1 Legend Pet Reward.

as good as the Rewards for finishing Feats are, they are not a really good reason, by themselves, to get Accomplished. but there is a second Reward for finishing Feats that makes Accomplished the best first Perk for Beginners.

most Feats give you 10,000 Hero Points per Character Level towards your Heroic Level (there are three which are 2500, 5000, & 50,000 each, and 3 that are 20,000) . a Heroic Level gives you 1 Skill Point to improve a Weapon or Utility Skill. Heroic Level 99 is the Max, so that is 99 Skill Points you can earn.

Utility Skills: Health gives +1% Total HP, +500 Armor, & +25 HP Regen per Rank. Dexterity gives +0.5% Cood Down, Dodge, & Move Speed per Rank. Intelligence gives +1% Total MP, +50 All Resist, & +25 MP Regen per Rank. Fortune gives +2.5% Luck, Gold Find, & Item Drops per Rank.

putting Skill Points in these in the early game can help a Beginner a lot with survival and treasure finding until you learn how to do well with other parts of the game.

Weapon Skills: I will use Gauntlet as an example. Gauntlet has Primary Weapon Skill Blast and Special Skill Twister. Blast shoots out in a short range cone shape and does DMG once a second. Twister shoots out from the Gauntlet in the direction you are facing, moving away from you for two seconds, Taunting enemies into the Twister for lots of DMG. putting Skill Points into these Weapon Skills makes them stronger.

Blast Skill Points: per Skill Point: +5% DMG (+200% DMG Max), +0.5% Crit Chance (+20% over Cap Max), +2% Hit Frequency (+80% Max Hit Frequency, you hit more often), -1% Skill Cost (-40% Max Skill Cost, use less Mana to cast Blast). so you do more damage, a chance to do even more damage with a critical hit, hit more often, and use less Mana to cast Blast.

Twister Skill Points: per Skill Point: +5% DMG (+200% DMG Max), +1% Hit Frequency (+40% Max Hit Frequency. Twister hits 4 times a second, 5.6 times a second, or 11.2 times in two seconds with +40% HF), +1% Spell Size (+40% Max Spell Size), -1% Cool Down (-40% Max Cool Down. cast Twister more rapidly). so you do more damage, hit more often, reach farther to Taunt enemies, and cast Twister more often, so it is possible to have enemies getting hit by 2 or more Twisters at once!

as you can see, Accomplished helps to make your weapons more powerful and helps with survival and getting loot, while getting you lots of rewards from finishing Feats lots faster than before.

when I Ascended my first Character, a Wizard, for his first Perk I chose Accomplished. I was still learning how to Craft my Equipment, and just putting Points into Skills helped a lot, and Accomplished doubled the Points I had in a short time, so my Skills helped a lot.

now I am Ascending a Rogue & Warrior Team and got Fortunate Skill first, and am kind of regretting it. I really wish I had gotten Accomplished first. I can already tell that getting a late start on improving Skills is going to hurt me in the short term while Ascending for the next 2-3 Perks.

a Beginning Player doesn’t really need Gold and doesn’t really know what to do with all the Items they find from looting monsters and breakables. (if you have played other games similar to DQ, then you are not really a beginner, but just playing another game, maybe). a Beginning Player who decides to get Perks can get a lot of stuff on the way to the first Perk, and if you choose Accomplished, you boost your Skills and get a lot of rewards that can help you in the early game.

also, the goals you are going for while getting Perks can determine which order you get your Perks.

lots of Gold early: Dealer & Fortunate first two.
lots of Eternal items early: Fortunate & Treasured first two.
killing monsters early: Accomplished & Enshrined first two.
level up fast early: Enshrined & Hunter first two.

Edit: Accomplished also gives a Beginner versatility. as a Beginner gets a better understanding of DQ, all you need to do is spend a little gold and you can move Skill Points around to where you need them. my needs were always changing as I learned more about DQ, and when I found different items to use, I found that changing my Skill Points around really helped. and having a lot of them to move around because of Accomplished is really nice.


It’s definitely my favourite perk. :joy:

I remember when I first started playing, the consensus was Dealer and Fortune first. I went with that.

HUGE mistake. After my first month I was sitting at 2Bil gold with nothing to spend it on.

If I had to ascend again I would most definitely start with Accomplished and Enshrined. Great post bro, this will def help starters out

well, I was playing another game more often than DQ back in the day. so I was playing DQ for about a year, but not very seriously.

it wasn’t until Patch 3.0 came out that I got serious about playing DQ, and that was when I decided to Ascend for all 6 Perks. it helped a lot that I was reading the Forum for about 4-6 months, so I had a big head start on what to do.

because the first items I used to make my Ascending Build were Farming Items (Fortune & Dexterity Affix, and Experience), Accomplished helped with Skill Points for boosting DMG in the early days. and later I was able to move the Skill Points around when my Ascending Build changed. not to mention all the loot from finishing all the Feats so fast!

because my goal was Ascending for 6 Perks, getting Experience was my priority. so I got Perks in the order that helped me reach my goal the best.

Accomplished, in addition to getting Skill Points, had a number of Feats that gave monster spawns of higher tier monsters, which meant more Experience!

Fortunate was second. this was mostly for farming to get better gear and more gold to make a better Ascending Build to get even more Experience! also, I was able to take farming affixes off of my Equipment and have room to focus on killing monsters and add my first Quest Stone, and still have some Luck & Gold Find.

Enshrined was third. now I can get the Experience Shrine 1 out of 3 maps instead of 1 out of 6. plus all shrine boosts are increased. the Hunter Shrine is also 1 out of 3 maps now, so I can get even more Experience!

Dealer was fourth. getting Perks is starting to cost a lot of Gold. I needed 25 Million for fifth Perk & 30 Million for the sixth. plus I needed Gold to get the Ultra Rare Crystals & Myth Stones I needed for a Better Ascending Build. a better Ascending Build means more Experience faster!

Hunter was fifth. now all my Shrines and the Pool are spawning +1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians. not only am I getting more Experience, I am finishing the Epic, Legend, and Mythic monster Feats so often that my Experience is really going up!

Treasured was sixth and last. since my goal was getting Experience to get all 6 Perks, I got this one last so I wouldn’t get distracted by lots of Eternal items. this was also a perfect time to get this Perk, because now I could convert all the Eternal & Crystal items I got into Crystals that helped to make my Ascending Build even better! and of course, a better Ascending Build means more Experience! and I sure needed a lot of experience!

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Accomplished is awesome. Full stop.


what makes it so awesome is its versatility.

the rewards from finishing Feats faster can help a player with any Build they are thinking of.

then there are the Hero Experience for Heroic Levels, each Heroic Level giving a player a Skill Point to put into one of their Weapon Skills to make it more powerful, into Strength for more HP, Armor, & HP Regen, which is good for survival, into Intelligence for more MP, Resist, & MP Regen, which is good for survival & casting spells, into Dexterity for more Dodge, Move Speed, & Cool Down, which is good for moving faster, Dodging more attacks, and casting your Special Spells more often, and into Fortune for more Gold Find, Luck, & Item Drop, which means more and better Loot.

and when your needs change later, just spend a little Gold and move your Skill Points around to where you need them. this is mostly important when a player starts using a different weapon and needs to put Skill Points into different Skills, or doesn’t want to Farm for Loot any more and wants to use those Skill Points for something else.