Admins revoulution

Adkins aren’t really helping the game much because I notice they ain’t banning a lot of hacker and can’t tell the difference between the homesteads person and the the hacker so be sure to warn Adkins if they dare keep doing this then we will rate 0 stars and clash the game down to very birth place as if it never existed !!

admins banning everyday just post as many cheater as you can lets help each other to improve the game


Wow. Why not stick around for awhile and see how they run the game before slinging accusations @Jacobop. Or as Eater suggested, be part of the solution.


I reported like 15 cheaters yesterday and they were all removed, so I think admins and devs are doing a very great job.


perception isn’t always reality.

how would you know if one is a haxor?

It makes me laugh the amount off people saying admines do nothing they are baning people daily in pvp and helping with other stuff as @Eater says help them out with posting hackers. it takes time to get rid off the hackers it’s not so simple to do so don’t say admines are doing nothing as they clearly are.

@rufuzz here is more info

[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

I find the admins, as well as the emailed support to be top notch. Very fast, very attentive to the players questions, concerns and issues.

When someone reports a cheater, they do investigate. I remember a post in another thread where someone reported an item, and Steiger came on and said the item was legit, it had been offered that way in a previous build. This shows that sometimes they have to research to be sure an item could have been obtained legitimately. This can take time. Give them a break



Hello gamer I’m recently a ad of perspective if you have a opinion then stick to it :slight_smile:

TThe damage would be insane in areana while it says at rules that DMG is reduced by 98%

@Jacobop with proper build u can do insane dmg in arena while also being tanky enough to survive.