Affix Help me

Teach me im new in DQ how to get weapon dmg 100% defiant etc. and how to make affix (5) and how to affix pet thankyou

Wow. You’re asking for info across many subjects.
Weapon dmg 100%… you can do it over many affixes, placed on any of your gear, although I would aim higher. Different quality of affixes (magic, epic, legend, mythic, eternal) all have different caps for different affixes.
As for “affix (5)” I believe you’re referring to set affixes. So you need items with +set bonus or wear multiple of that set type gear.
HIGHLY recommend you check out the tutorial section of this forum. Start with Noob guide 101 :wink:

Here’s a list of the various affix types and their caps:

This info was taken directly from the wiki.

And the wiki:

You may find you won’t get much more reply than this as your questions are somewhat broad, and it’s clear you haven’t searched this forum much. There’s too much to just teach you, but once you’ve done some reading you’ll have many answers and many more questions. It’s a great game, definitely worth doing some research!

thankyou @Stryder ryder

sir stryder, weapon dmg 100% and set affix not get in crystal?

how about in chest not get also?