Amount of %proc needed for Blinkstrike to be spammable

Much like Flicker Strike builds in Path of Exile, I’ve been trying to replicate the feeling by stacking proc chance on blinkstrike with rogue, mainly with the ninja set. Not eternal yet mind you, but it may come (not even started crystal farming).

How much proc chance is needed to use blinkstrike to no end ?

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procs are 25% every second. multiple of the same proc, or that Myth Stone that gives +10 all proc to improve chance to proc. reduced cool down affix might help, but I wasn’t sure if I was getting a proc faster than once a second.

Procs don’t work this way, they are bounded to their own skills cooldowns, so once you proc a skill, it takes the same amount of its cooldown to have a chance to proc again. I’m not sure, but maybe using quick attack (dagger primary skill), which reduces cooldowns every time it hits, you may be able to spam blinkstrike proc ~> quick attack ~> blinkstrike proc ~> … For this purpose, I would go for 50%+ blinkstrike proc.


@luisfsk thanks. in the descriptions, it still mentions the 1 second thing, but the cool down is something I have witnessed in one of my builds, but I only had a 25% chance, so I wasn’t sure if it was both, or just the proc has same cool down as the Skill, and the once per second doesn’t matter any more. I don’t use procs much, so it’s hard to remember what they are doing now.

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Most of in-game descriptions are outdated.


You can also use dagger + discordance mythic and blinkstrike like crazy. You can add other procs (taunt, storm, twister…) while you are blinkstriking. Make sure to add +2 multi attack etc. A discordance build might be more like you’re thinking.

I might get my old Rogue out and see how fun the disco blink is for PvE Hireling.


Thanks for your answers. I’ll check a look at a discordance build or make something myself for fun.

thanks @luisfsk. I remember a thread on the subject procs, now, but it has been awhile since I read it. I guess my memory has a few holes.

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