[Android] Googe Play - Quest

New quest features started today!

Btw, @SteigerBox where is the GooglePlay button in game? I have to open and close the game to accept all the quests :frowning:


Hey! You can finde the google play button bottem in the middle of the menu screen (where you choose, wheither you want to play campaign or battle arena).

How long do those boosts last? And will they persist across platforms?

Boosts last 15 minutes and i noticed one thing about the gold count quest.Does it seem bugged or am i missing something (example-i collect 500k gold off the ground in a legend map,i go back into quests and it says i have less then 20k gold collected for the quest)

can’t find it …

There should be a ‘controller’ icon under your character to access GooglePlay.

Which version of DQ are you using?


What is your version of Android OS?

I have a button disappears if I accepted the quest. But the next time you start the game it appears again


Ok. When you first start the game do you get a Google Play Services pop up that shows your current quest progress?

(maybe I missed the intention of your question the first time and what you are asking for is a button that will show that progress AFTER you first log in as well)

I don’t have the button either. Android 4.3, DQ

Here’s what happens:

  • Start the game
  • “Tap to start” screen shows. Tap.
  • Menu screen shows briefly, then the Google Play quest selection thing pops up in front.
    • At first there were quests that i could accept. If I accepted one the popup would close immediately.
    • Now, all quests have either expired or been completed. I can’t accept any more.
    • I’m pretty sure I completed quests that I never accepted.
  • Hit the back arrow to return to the menu screen, there’s no controller icon anywhere, just like @vironlawck’s picture.

I have see the Google Play popup with my Google level before, but I don’t see it anymore.

yup just like @moxyll told, the “quest page” did pop up, after accept then it gone … and the Googe Play icon oso doesn’t appear on the menu screen

Нere’s how it looks for me. New quests are missing.

Quests are limited to a time frame. I will be making more to go live after this weekend.

I will take a note of this and see if we can leave the button at the bottom of the screen for Google Play services users to access that a bit faster.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

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alrite thanks for the quick reply too =D

Hello. I started a week ago. Every time I load game up a screen loads up for “Quests” And then it just says “no quests” and I have to close the page.
I have never had a quest at all.
why is there no quests?
shouldn’t every player have quests that are part of Game permanently?

This is actually a “google play services” add-on. The quests are only attainable if you log in using the Google Play Games button on the main menu.

Will be updating these with our next patch as well.

Hello. Tdaniel.
Thanks for reply. When you say quests are only available logging in via Google play button.
I logged in with my Google account the very first time I played and now every time I open the game it automatically logs me In with my Google account.
says “Welcome Steven etc” then loads up the available quests page.called “Quests” then it just says “no quests” and I have to close page to start playing. the game has never shown me any quests and I don’t see any other button to log in?