guys? i need a new shock or fire build for this new patch 3.0… help me plsss… just wanna try something new… :slight_smile:

Here this might help… Its still on progress though

This build still needs a lot of improvements. im farming for more crystals right now.

hehe… tnx bro… im only getting ideas on other player’s build… btw its a nice build tho but need some sort of changes… :slight_smile:

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Ikr! :joy::joy:

epiphany and defiant set can qet in amethyst ?

Nope… Sadly

ow :pensive: sadlyf​:disappointed:

Farm epiphany with wiz on floors 600+ and defiant floors 200+ with epic enemies +

i have fire build for rouge

share it here dude… so i can get ideas also… :slight_smile:

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@deathGG = are you a Pilipino?

can you help for my pvp rogue buld, I love arrow build…

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Yes… But unfortunately im still practising… I still dont know much. With rogue before i used mythic cosmic orb + arrow, paired with enigma+vault. I used a lot of crit damage+ 5000ed. I also used skilled mythic to increase damage in my weapon.

I dont remember much since now im focusing in building for pve since i 1000+ floors are a
Bit hard for me hehe.
Hope this helped.

U can ask specific questions although im not sure if i could answer them all.

@deathGG = okay thanks… ???I do not where can I start…

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Farm first until u have enough crystals and mythstones. Great way to farm when you are still new is floors 200 +

Here are guides.

thank you very much…

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Glad to help :blush::blush::blush:

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