Anyone check on this build?

Can u guys help me improve this build?

I don’t really play wizard that much only rouge so I don’t really know what’s op for wizards

minimum advice is change the +5k Weapon damage on Skullshield to Epic +100% Weapon dmg if you want it to do more damage or +20% Fire dmg if you want more damage for both weapons. you can change Wizardry Talent to Amplify to get +40% damage to enemies with Fire DoT on them. you have +48.8% Elem. Crit. on the Staff which should be enough. also, do you have a Hell Slime with Demonic Set?

if you want to do lots of changes you will have to get the Legend versions of these Items as only about 6 Crystals can be used on Eternal Items.

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For the slime i think i do have one

As for the wizardy talent how do i change it again?

it’s in the Link I posted…

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Those are all nice! Congrats. Btw @golem, where can i see Set affixes that can be rolled? If u have time, can masochism be rolled? Thanks!

the 4 newest sets can’t be rolled with Amethyst: Mercenary, Shadows, Mythitech, and Guardian.

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Yeah been reading it just now. Thanks alot.