Bad luck? Crystal affix weaker than epic affix


I’m almost a newbie. Today I am confused by this:

I mean, the crystal affix is lower compared to the epic affix on the eternal item. I am pretty sure I cannot re-roll the crystal affix right?

So… compared to an eternal set, a crystal set is almost useless? The only good part is that you can add mythical affixes and customize them?

If the eternal are not customizable, but incredibly stronger, aren’t they always a better choice overall?

Thanks for the answers!


just a bad roll

cyan crystal affix is 50 - 1500
while the epic is
50 - 500 (x2 because it is an eternal)

Obsidian crystal can improve the value of cyan affixes


I wasn’t expecting the gap to be this much huge! Thanks for the answer!


You can also reroll the crystal affix by diamonds but in order to get perfect roll or more satisfying roll try increase the item quality first then reroll it using diamond

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After maxing the quality to 25%, I’ve tried using 20/30 diamonds, but the best one I saw was 490. So… how the hell is the eternal one still better after 20 rolls? :joy:


for the HP & MP on hit, Crystal only doubles instead of triple, so same value as Epic on Eternal Item. from +250 to +500 instead of +750. I think there is a game balancing reason for this.

Edit: also, Obsidian can be used to improve your Crystal Affix now, not just Diamond. and only a few Crystals can be used on Eternal Items.