Anyone remembered the prenerfed Guideshot? Can we have a set affix for that?

Context for anyone who havent seen one, well guideshot once upon a time fires fan of arrows with enough Multi Atk and EAC(pretty much pistols but better). The devs nerfed it for balancing purposes and thus we ended up with the postnerf guideshot(now).

It just so happens that some set affixes are being added to empower underused skills like the smokescreen and the new mercenary that I thought, wow would it be nice to have set affixes that do this for every mainhand like the mentioned prenerfed guideshot as a set affix?

Basically, I am advocating to add more set affixes that modifies/empowers your skills to make things new and exciting. Kinda like Path of Exile gem links.

Imagine Whirlwind with greater AoE and damage the longer it is channeled then explode? Or Ricochet bullets onhit explodes? Or something like laytraps dealing ElementCrit and then explodes?

Enough explosion thought, imagination is the only the only limit! Set affix that increases chakram thrown? KnightsCharge sends out an image of you to charge enemies? A set affix that modify Meteor into Rockblast? How cool is that?

Thanks for the read!


Yes I remember very clearly. That was when they first released PvP ~5yrs ago. The guidedshot would redirect the entire length of the arena and not miss. Couple that with fire dmg, fire DoT, bleed and it was over quickly.

Those are good ideas @LK_Stradmore.


Storm: mutiple storms at same time
Twister: gains damage with each hit

Skulldraga: also allows more skulls and increase their attack speed
Command: increases damage of minions for a short time


If only devs will do a monthly or 2 patch notes.
Do some buffs and nerfs, the game is stale enough when you reach the moment to just rushing cartographers for floor hikes or just spam ricochets on pvp lol.


My guess is to why we havent got much patches these couple of months is because they(the devs) lack the necessary funds to keep making more updates to the game.

Even with IAP ingame like character slot, premium stash and skins which are available for anyone to purchase to support the game, its not mandatory and clearly isnt enough for the devs to warrant the idea of using their time and resources for a game that doesnt make much money for them.

I could see DQ one day incorporate a Quarterly Battle Pass a very popular microtransactions within some trending games like Dota2, Pubg and MTG Arena.

An example would be that anyone can evenly access the rewards like gold, chest, dust, pets and even skins but the the BP buyers would get the rewards faster and/or have more exclusive stuffs to get like premium versions of skin(prestige skins like in LoL).

If any devs can read this, Hey! Im willing to pay for this to support you guys!(please be fair with the pricing).

Thanks for the read again! :slight_smile:


I would like to buy more premium stash and I wished the multi boost was for 2hrs even if they raised the price to maybe $4.99. Imo the monster boost is the only one worth buying. I’m not sure why but when I try to watch ads for a free boost it rarely works, it jus disappears and goes straight to the game :man_shrugging:t4:


If there are more different stages(atleast add 2 or more) added i dont mind start buying those boosts but with current situation, i cant waste money for that, if feel its not worth it.
For beginners and trying to rush completing sets or creating new char(exp), these boosts are ok but for people like us who got infinity sets for climbing i feel there is no need.


I miss the days when I first hit floor 500 and died, i actually went big brain on the game and experimented how to stay alive and kill stuff. Then I found my first Crushing Flame then it was game over… my skullshield completely decked out 350% crushing blow, 30 double strike, 225 crit dmg, 30 crushing blow, inferno pet, eternal aether spark and not to mention lv40 skullshield is like 3 rail guns circling you.

I did a experiment, I bought the 3 piece crushing flames set weapon, armor and helm completely unmodified, bought a skull completely disenchanted, bought a ring and amulet completely disenchanted and add socket in each to get +2 set for that juicy 350% crush dmg n +10 skull shield, added crushing blow in armor and helm 20%. I went from 235m dmg to literally 2m and still 1 shoted everything?! If that’s not broken idk what is :man_shrugging:t4:


Devs could add eternal bosses since we have mythic boss, or some higher tier boss on every 5 stages on 1-200, or boss on every few intervals on cartographers other than just collecting maps repeatedly. :kissing_heart:


How about adding a Campaign+ where you make a blank character and progress the game with handicap like:
• Disable Hirelings
• Disable Stash
• Disable Legend drops(including Eternal/Crystal Legends)
• Disable problematic Set Affix like Frozen and Crushing Flames.

We start at Level 1 Ascension 1 and progress normally until 3-4 months, where all our progress will revert back to zero and we get rewards based on how far we got. This may even be incorporated with Battle Pass where we level it up by playing Campaign+ and gain rewards.


We did make multi-boost 2 hours long in patch 3.1…now I have to go double check :slight_smile:

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We hear ya.

I think we have touched on this a few other times but with all the posts on the board it is probably hard to find the relevant topics.

The technology that we used to make DQ1 is no longer being maintained. There are very minor emergency fixes added to the technology (like 64 bit app support for apple store) but for the most part that company no longer develops the engine.

Since 2017 (maybe earlier…I am old now so my memory is shot) we have been using Unity for our game creation which provides a ton of features that we can use to make much better games.

The problem with DQ1 is that we could not add the type of real time co-op multiplayer support to the title we wanted to. We didn’t start out with the idea to make it multiplayer (this was 2011…and on mobile) so adding that deep of a system to the game later was not possible, hence we made the Battle Arena game mode. We also have no proactive way of protecting the game from being edited (as you can see from the 1000’s of posts in the “report” thread).

So with no way of adding real time multiplayer and no way of protecting the game from an insane amount of edited save games we decided to start working on our next games using Unity 3D.

We love making arpg’s and I think you will agree that the systems we put in those games are very deep. We try to give our players as much freedom as we can to make the characters/builds they want to make.

We also really like competitive gameplay. It was important to us that when we started to make our next games that we give our players deep gameplay systems, the ability to customize their builds, and a fair way to compete online.

We have not been twiddling our thumbs over the last few years by any means and we are getting close to being able to share that with the folks here soon.


I think it’s impossible to prevent editing as the game can be played offline and there exist ram editors. No matter how you encrypt data, there is a way to decrypt it. You can make a program that checks if an item is legal though (but I don’t think you can know if it has been edited or crafted).

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Yup, offline games are extremely difficult to provide especially on android devices.


Understandable. I would like to suggest perhaps making a blog of some sorts where yoy guys could talk about the state of the game and what are your plans for the future(kinda like patch notes but only for devs so it can be easily found/traced back).

Understandable too, especially if the game wasnt supposed to get coop features in the first place. I would also understand if you guys just focus(the time you guys have left from focusing on other nongame projects) on completing DQ2(because I also care for your financial side) instead of making updates for DQ1. DQ1 is already a good game without coop really, adding that would just be a bonus that isnt really beneficial anymore if DQ2 would just come out with better of everything plus coop. But that’s just my opinion…

How about make an Offline and Online Campaign. Let the player do whatever they want to do on the Offline part(kinda like Creative mode On/Off if anyone can easily hack the game, just give them that) and let the competitive aspect of the game be on Online where everyone’s item are not stored in the phones memory. You guys can probably monetize the online aspect of it for battle passes, pvp rewards and achievements/feats for a small fee upfront of maybe 5$(you guys need to pay for extra memory since everyone of us who would want to play online has to store everything we own into your servers)

Thanks for the update @tdaniel. Please do share more of these if you can!

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We like that idea too, but it isn’t as straight forward when developing a title. If you are going to make an online game all of your systems need to be desinged to live in an online environment. So we essentially would be making the game 2 times (not that drastic…but not a trivial amount of work). I would imagine that those features would come after an initial release.

I have a similar feeling. In my mind we would want to make the follow up title to have all the things people liked about the first game so they wouldn’t feel the need to go back and play the first game because something was “missing”.

From my personal experience I will use Diablo 2 as an example. That game, in my opinion, had everything D1 had…but more and better. I never felt that I had to back and play D1.

I think you will see something like that in the near term. It will not be DQ1 focused (not completely at any rate) but you will get more info from us and what are plans are.


Oh yeah it kinda just hits me now that we cant just ask for something without really knowing the boundaries of what is possible and impossible to do at certain amount of time… Sorry about that…
How about starting from a smaller multiplayer idea like bluetooth(I remember it called ad-hoc in PSP) where maybe a couple(2) to a group of 4 can simultaneously join a game kinda like how they did it in Monster Hunter P3rd, how possible is that idea to be incorporated in DQ2?(probably better to just finish the offline aspect of the game before doing multiplayer but the idea just makes me feel more gittery with excitement for DQ2)

Will there be a Closed Beta Phase of DQ2? WIll the DQtesters be able to test the game in the forseeable future? :smiley:

Im wondering how many games are you guys are making rn… Kinda wondering also why you guys didnt jump on the hype train when all these new popular games are being made like AutoChess and Pubg (which spawned alot of variants like TeamFightTactics and Rules of Survival respectively.) I know this none of my business to poke around devs asking for whatnot but I am really curious about Shinybox’s philosophy of its vision and mission… No need to really answer this, this is just me ramblin about how I wanted to become a game dev myself hahaha… Oh well…

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;”

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We don’t care too much for hype trains :wink:

Our aim is closer to finding something that doesn’t exist or isn’t really well represented already, that would also be something that we would play ourselves :slight_smile:


Massive Respect!++

Man I really wish I could heart this conversation with you guys more than once haha…

So no go for popular ones like Cardgame(Hearthstone/MTG/PokemonTCG), Turn based RPG(Final Fantasy/Chrono Cross/Darkest Dungeon) and Moba(LoL,Dota2,Smite)? :frowning:

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You threw in a BUNCH of games with this comment…and many of us happen to LOVE several of the games you mentioned.

Also…stop dream hacking me. :slight_smile: