Arc and Energy Mythic is a Good Combination?

It is good combination or not please help.

Well as long as you cast just enough to get energy to low levels to gain high % increased damage. Arc is up to you.

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How to get enough energy to convert it to dmg by killing a monster?

Btw how to craft energy mythic? Because i based it to outdated blogspot and serenity came up insteaf of energy.

here also read this griffin made these

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ThAnks bro!!

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You are welcome! :blush::blush::grin::grin::grin:

One more thing bro why my crushing blow dmg % is so small even it is 58% effectiveness

It ranges only to 1-5m

It takes 25% of the enemies current hp ex. If he has 100 hp then crushing blow will take 25 hp… When in 75 hp crushing blow will take up to 18.75… Unless u have crushing flames that increases ur crushing blow damage.

Ow i see … i thought crushing blow would go to billion damage according to the higher map hikers…

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With crushing blow and good enough hit frequency , you could theoretically go on to the maximum floor limit of 64bit integer of a quintillionths of floors but obviously that’s not reachable for years and not a primary goal at all. Reaching floor 2000 is reachable though.
But crushing blow means you can go for so many floors for a long while.

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Yeah of course it can go higher on higher floors… Just as long as the enemies hp is very high also… Like quadrillions of hp