Arc(reactor) + explosion vs PvE

Reactor set affix seems to be the most consistant way to spam arc. And arc + explosion takes out crowds ridiculously fast. I’m just wondering is it comparable to the other builds? Also what are other affix, mythics and set affix i can use to improve on this build beside explosion affix?

Hmm I’m not sure but arc dodge should boost arc somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

I use this a lot with my wiz because it looks cool af.

Anyway, focus on orb to maximize damage.

Orb is a:

-Projectile (usable with Living Fish and Cosmic Power + timewarp)
-Special skill (gets pumped with Fury)
-Fast CD skill (kinda average with procs, if you fancy some of those)

With these in mind, look for appropriate bonuses in your items and make do with what you have.

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I think I’m gonna try build something like that once I’ve reach above 1bil gold and atleast 50 of each crystals :wink:

Now i want a spell that summons a fish that flops around randomly and one-shots anything it touches.

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Living force* is the set that he said.
living fish lol! Also it is reference to Star Wars because it looks like the force on orbs.

As opposed to…? Dead fish?


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