Arena bugs/weird stuff

Ok, so I’ve been on my way towards cronos, Refia, SW & co and along the way I noticed some weird stuff going on. Let’s start off with this picture:

You will see that I did less damage than his indicated hp, which is quite weird, to say the least.

Another thing I noticed is with the ranks in eternal:
My view from the arena leaderboards:

And my view after winning a match:

You will notice Im in the 30s in the first picture and well above 100 in the second picture, even though these were taken after the same match.

Now while I was still in mythic i noticed this:

I was already below rank 100 then, but even though it said that reaching rank 100 is the requirement for getting into eternal, I was still mythic. How does this work. At 1000 LP I was around global rank 70 or so. What is with those 30 with a lesser rank? Are there only 70 in eternal right now?

I also encountered someone who named her rogue Violent. Thats pretty punny. Punny Carol, PUNNY(If you know what I mean)

I think You have to finish mythic league with 1k points before you get move up. But I think it might just be a bug.
Just check eternal league and your in it.

I think you should put your topic under bug.
Try contacting support via email.

  1. Issue: Sometimes if your opponent is using blood magic, his hp will decrease automatically. So you can do lesser dmg than opponent hp.

  2. Issue: This is not a bug. The rank up on the victory screen refer to the leaderpoint ranking. While the rank in the leaderboard refer to the matchmaking rating (mmr).
    Explaination for mmr:

Explaination for LP:

3.Issue: There are 100 players in the eternal league. The others stays in Mythic league until they get a higher mmr. So for getting into eternal league, you have to get over 1k LP on Mythic league and getting into top 100 mmr.

The pvp is so annoying, it is hard to get the ethernal league but you will always lose because of the internet. I already lost 93 trophies without noticing. How sad that i can’t get to ethernal league

??? Explain please!

I think he means losing LP over the Failed Match ID issue, if that’s the case, I lost over 250 points because of that last night, but still manage to get back to Rank 1 atm. So, don’t give up.


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60%ish of my lose is due to connection lol.