Arena Build Guide: Cuzeg's Meteor God [Wizard]




Ok then thats what I am doing. How did u get 6M dmg on the stats. If I am correct, is the dmg that the stat power increase the base dmg?

I will wonder how u achieved it but don’t tell me.


@CuzegSpiked yeah that’s the base damage. It can get to 15M damage but totally unnecessary .


Haha. The base dmg for this build at old days was 135k but it can be better.


With the new affix it will get better but it’ll get nerfed anyway = ( damage is too high


i doubt think damage will be nerfed. they (dev) just introduce/create alot damage booster on 2.1, atleast i think there will be no nerf on campaign mode.


Damage formulas are not hard to calculate.


It was hard at first but it’s not very hard anymore.


Trying your build in pvp, it’s great so far, managed to get division 1 in eternal league for now, but I have 1 problem with Nadroji robe

Is it possible to find robe without bonus affix with new patch or not?


Not possible on patch 2.1

But if you want only the ED% damage affix, why not look for Aether Wrap robe, found past 400 floors

It’s on wizard class so use both wizard on main and hireling for sure robe drop.


Would that be the only chest armor that has ED% affix? Or are there others? Besides Nadroji of course.


Why not check first the codex, you might find something better.


OK, I checked the codex for all 3 classes.

Looks like there are none for rogue besides Nadroji.

I found Harlequin’s comfort for Warrior, but it has seven deadly sins along with Diligence that can’t be rolled off.

Looks like Aether wrap is the only chest piece with ED% that will allow you to roll off all other affixes.


You could just find aether wrap from floor 400 (very easy to mythic 3) from farming and they are ridiculously easier than nadroji robes! Also for this build, it can be improved by deadly strikes, more elemncrit (blistering) and maybe even glasscannon. Aim of this build is to go for pure dps now. Stealth is good but only lasts 1 second, take up a bit of slot and halves potential dps. If its worth it use it though. Also for ed for other class robes, just jasper the aether wrap to that class and aether wrap is ridiculously easy for wizards. It’s like the new nadroji armour but better. Harmony+energy could be a good combo for full energy if you want that. Aetheral drain is real good for mp recovery and big elemental crit with coat combined. Good for energy to be full too.

Test, test, test. Always test to learn new thing and discover brutal combos. Nova is also somewhat a good idea too. Think of every affix possible and test them all out before you place in build. So many options :wink: .


Added to Build compendium.


Thanks :smile:


Liked your post eventhough i havent read the built. LOVE MEATBALLS FALLING and SMASHING THE ENEMIES. LOL


Glad to hear that from you :smile:


Wow, I was such a newb back then! I just realised that I can deal twice the dmg this build was capable of without even trying. 28k dmg with ease per second and more. Might make a better build though for pvp that is quite different. I will find out how eventually . gl to me I guess. Looking back, stealth is a bit too op at that time lol. Well, I still did so well at that time though and it is what it is. Either I may modify the build alot or make an entirely new build. I don’t know too well of the arena meta but I do know that I need more hp than usual.

@f00kee , I now know how to easily get 6M power or more. Even if I don’t have such high power, I know to deal huge dmg to make huge difference like floor 1k. As you said before, the highest power doesn’t always mean the best build. I know that for sure.


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