Arena Build Guide: Cuzeg's Meteor God [Wizard]


Have items that has +2 Set affix. Items like Nadroji Ring and Amulet. Or just simply put Elixir mythstones on any ring or amulet of choice.


But why is it that the items of Cuzeg has a default set affixes + 3 OR 2?? how can you made it??


Like I said it is because of the +2 set affixes on both ring and amulet. It will automatically increase ALL SET AFFIXES except when equipping Seven Deadly Sins


Just notice the items I have below. Note: I reached the Eternalized to 8 because I am equipping 4 items with eternalized set affix and have a total of +4 set affix which is the maximum allowed set affix bonus.


Thank you so much!! Hahahah my aftermath build like cuzeg is +10 hahaha

But I have another question… How did he get that +5000 and +225 percentage of his stats??? Is that the max?? and hiw do I get That…???


+5000 and +225 what? Sorry so lazy to scroll up to look at it… Hahaha…


If you are talking about the +5000 weapon damage and elemental damage or any orange colored affix that can be obtained using topaz. While the +225% crit damage or any cyan colored affix, that can br obtained using obsidian(highest tier crystal).


the question is that how he got a perfect 5000 and 225 whilr mine is 119 and 4829mm


Use emerald to get item quality +25, then use diamond for reroll item affix rank stats


I tried your advice but it doesnt put as exactly as 5000 or perfect but btw Tnx for the advice… I found a way to achieve it exactly by using Fluorite the make sure it is LVL 100 so that 100 percent reroll and use Emerald… Tnx


I think i faught with this guy in the arena… Freakin strong cant go past 1277 damn hahah


Who? To be honest, I haven’t played arena in a long time but I may start getting back into it.


The guy who posted thi thread




Oh I see


I also encountered this guy at the mythic league long as i remember ur using a wizard right? Dunno if im wrong but ur weapon is staff


I using gauntlet as it has the highest base damage for a wizard weapon (2040 damage at level 20). I used to use staff before though back in 2.0 before I knew gauntlets had higher base damage.


I have a similar build but i used the aftermath bonus for more boosted damage since you already have 4 equipped. It’s still a theorycraft and still thinking if i use poison or fire element. Also for the resource im thinking of putting either Harmony or Desperation so i could compensate with the legend affix push the limit.

I dont mind the Cosmic orb though I want an eternal set MH and OH for more damage. I have Eternal Event Horizon for OH now still looking for better eternal MH.

Just me. I’ll post mine when finished…still farming the stuff. Kudos to your build!


To get better rolls you need to have a quality of 25 in your equipment and must be lvl 100 item.