Arena Build Guide: Cuzeg's Meteor God [Wizard]


Is this build still viable in 2.5? I’m trying to get into arena and am having a hard time finding strong pvp builds here. Thanks!

EDIT: Oops nevermind, ignore my message, didn’t see the Warning note.


Well it isn’t for any but I can see it being edited for 2.5 well. Shock elements, stun resist, high voltage, more hp which you could add up to 50k or more (vampiric touch with plagued and try adding some hp).

You could also use enigma I think, keeping cosmic orb or bombard and using energy still because losing mana and you deal more dmg. You could replace stealth proc with extra HP for example. You can use more coat proc too.

Maybe in crystal affixes, you could add say 18% hp (75% in campaign), possibly deadly strikes, all resists, weaken, more AR , etc.

You can replace inferno with affixes like momentum , using shieldwall proc. You like likely use the demonic set affix which can help a lot and with momentum or Terrashaper pet with momentum or Terrashaper replacing the extra aftermath.
Also wd% on gauntlet from say masochists gauntlet because axe jaspers into gauntlet. Possibly using push the limit as well but that’s to test because it could be risky.
I can see this build being viable again but it would no longer be the same. Still, you could easily dodge CV and earthquakes possibly.

Maybe you could even add CV (cerebral Vortex if you want). You could use skull instead of orb for extra dmg and Dmg reduction too. More HP and more effective defiant is.

Ruptured you could replace with exposed or brutal if you use cosmic orb and or deadly strike.

Dmg to elites I can see being used too.


What’s your HP in that I feel you may be a bit squishy. I tried a similar build just really half assed it together cause it just didn’t seem to work for me. I also used spell sword and just realized that probably wasn’t needed I may have been using equivalence to stack man’s instead of HP so who knows (satyr/cosmic/aetherial/CV/spell sword) equivalence to balance them out and I got OK HP just no dmg :frowning:

  1. Still you can definitely change the build to fit with 2.5 standards. I know it’s possible. Manashield even could help or a lot of HP (fauns gift would be set good).


Still working on current patch sir ?


Probably still works but stealth is kinda useless for me. Maybe tweek it a bit.


Yup. It can still work though but many tweaks be needed.


how did you get 6 afther math , with only 2 aftermath items?


@newbee he has a Aftermath orb and amulet with +2 set numbers on ring and amulet


2 from gear +2 from the amulet and +2 on ring total of +6


hope it made it more clear you just didn’t spend time looking at the gear to see it but its okay because its a newbee mistake
:rofl: bad joke


Yes and I took the PvE picture at the time, not PvP picture, and yes I was a newbie that time. I still did well in arena however and loved the help I got and tried to get better since then. Seems to have paid off.


very, very true


@CuzegSpiked i want to join your group that you have posted here in forum!!!