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Why I do get the same 10-15 enemies in arena every time?? 50% are wins 50% are lose. It is impossible to get up the arena rankings. I am stuck between 1500 and 1600… I wish I would get other enemies… Another question. Why I can only watch videos when I get an enemy that will kill me easily? I can never watch videos for better reward, when there is an enemy I would win… So watching videos is absolute useless for me. Wait, another question. In the first round in arena my character looking at the wall with his back to the enemy… I need 3 sec to turn around. So I lose the first match eyery time… Thats really annoying…

Keep on. You are not that far from the top. I faced your bullrex and kraxor AIs. Very good crafts. Actually, I think you are doing fine.

Your enemies change as your mmr range changes too. The higher the mmr, the stronger your opponents get.

You watching video for a better chest if you are about to face a stronger/counter craft opponent is purely by coincidence.

Yes. In the first round there is actually a considerable delay before you can move your character. I dislike that too.

If you show your build in this thread, we can help you see what is wrong.

Okay. The quickest and cheapest remedy is to switch to “shock” element on all items you are using. If you do, you will deal 50% more damage most of the time.

What are your item natures?

Remove the ff with kyanite:

75% crit dmg on aether brace

15% freeze on the robe

96.7% ice damage on the hat

100% ice damage on cognition ring

Replace them all with +5,000 Shock Damage/or Ice Damage if you want to keep your ice element.

What other pets do you have?


200% ice dmg for 20k ice dmg? Sure I wouldn’t lose tons of dmg?? I have another legend pet with electrified set, shall I use this instead of perfamfrost if I change to shock dmg? All natures are haste, because if I would change it, I would lose my epiphany bonus…

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the +200% ED gets reduced in Arena to what it would be on a level 20 Weapon, and on top of that, your Weapon is doing level 20 Base Weapon DMG, not level 100 Weapon DMG. I think that +200% ED would be reduced to around +40% ED in Arena.

usually the +WD & +ED do better in Arena than the WD% & ED%.

So much to think about. :joy:

Here. This is from V2.5 but the principles are still applicable up to this day


if you look at the second set of Equipment that is Level 20, and look at the Damage the Weapons do, you will see why affixes that increase DMG by % is less effective than those that increase it by +.

Hammer does the most damage of all weapons, with an average of 450 (337 - 562). in arena WD% is around +20% for Epic , +40% for Legend. so with Legend WD% you would get around 630 DMG. that 200% ED% you have would be around +40%, so now you are doing around 882 DMG.

450 + 1040 WD+ is 1490 DMG, add +40% ED%, gives around 2086 DMG.

450 + 1040 WD+ + 2080 ED+ (2 ED+ affixes) gives around 3570 DMG.

hope this helps.


Nice one pal.

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