Every MH & OH Weap - Quick Reference Guide


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I decided to make this quick reference guide for every MH & OH weapon type in the game. Every weapon pictured is Lvl 100 and at 25% Quality for the purpose of visualizing all their base stats. This guide may also prove useful for visualizing each weapon’s default main & special skills.

Edited: now includes all Lvl 20 max quality weapons for PvP knowledge :smile:

I made this so I wouldn’t have to keep checking up on this info. I hope it’s helpful for you! :slight_smile:

#iLvl 100#










#iLvl 20 (for PvP purposes)#










And the following diagram has been ever helpful to me in my journeys…
Jasper Crystal guide for what each weapon will change into:

The Defiant Wizard
The Question Thread
Golem's Gears: Compare Special Skills Dmg Per Hit

Good! Now I can throw away all empty weapons I have in Stash 1 :smile:

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If you do it for ilvl 20 weapons also PvP players will cheer :heart_eyes:!!


I was thinking of doing that one too but I’ll let @JesusSaves saves do it because he deserves the credit for making a guide like this one. Thanks for even more much needed guides. Keep up the good work @Everyone .


I’ll work on the lvl 20 guide thanks for the encouragement :smile: actually I think the reason I most needed this guide was for build ideas cause I’m always forgetting what I can roll with Amber crystals and it helps to visualize the skills


Oh yeah that’s another pro! Great one too! Only just realised lol. It’s very accurate way of viewing said skills without looking in codex and getting items. Keep up the good work :smile: :laughing: :parrotbeer: :parrotmustache: .


Great to have that, really! Please do edit though with “H” and “-” from the edit line to separate MH/OH/Class :slight_smile:

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So I should wait for a Gauntlet with Defiant in order to use Discordance or Sword/Staff would be good due to APS and CD?


Main problem is you need th 150% from Blast, that’s why you should take Gauntlet. Other weapons might be faster, but you need to be a lot faster to make up for the loss of 50% damage. Pierce has 125% though, so you could look into that

Just calculate APS and compare it to your gain in damage from 50%/25% compared to 100% with the respective BWDs, but Gauntlet has high BWD so I think you can’t beat Gauntlet


Edited now with iLvl 20 items and formatting :slight_smile:


You Sir are great :slight_smile: really really helpful, +1!!


Thanks sir for this wonderful list update :smile: . This should be seen by pretty much everyone and probably should be in the SHTT.

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Gauntlet: Blast-16.2K Twister-43.1K
Staff: Comet-7,687 Twister-30.8K
Wand: Barrage-4,762 Twister-19K
Sword: Pierce-6,562 Twister-21K

recently I was wondering if Special Skills did the same damage on other weapons as they do on their original weapons. as you can see, Twister does different amounts of damage when placed on different weapons. I thought this would be good information to know for those of us who like to use different Specials on our weapons. the damage numbers are damage per hit.
I posted this here to help people see what the different Skills are and to get an idea of how a Special’s damage would look if placed on another weapon.
recently I tried Scalp on Skull Shield. it did a lot of damage, but I prefer Teleport and Scalp instead. the ability to Teleport away from danger is worth the lower damage Scalp causes, even though I had more firepower with the Skulls and damage reduction.
in the end, it is all about what we want the build to do, and hoping the dream becomes reality.


is there a document-version of every eternal item? so it’s easier to search stats and see if any fits in to builds.
so far I’ve found wizard eternal epiphany hat to be perfect for any attack-speed build, and quite a few eternal weapons that works.


I think the closest thing to what you are asking is the Codex in the game. I have been thinking of making my own charts so I can have an easier time of making builds, and so I don’t forget a good idea when I have it…hmm, what was that good idea again?
after reading some of the posts in the Forum, I think some of the players have made their own spread sheets/ document-versions to improve their game play.
I have been playing enough that I have an idea of what is what and where information is, but it is putting it all together that is the tough part.
at the moment, I just look in the Codex for the Legend/Eternal item I am interested in, then get out the pencil & paper and start filling in the blanks until I have a build that looks like it might do what I dream it could do.


Never knew about this post, I just tested it all again, lol


I read a lot. there is a lot of good stuff in the Forum. I’ve started bookmarking the more interesting stuff so I don’t forget it, and you never know when a good post needs to be shared.


This post super useful for making a powerful PvP and PvE build. May we all see it :smile: yet again.