Arena question

How does arena scale work? Any tips about builds.

And one question. If I have for example, capped crit [60] and I go into arena and it gets scaled down, does it scale down the crit cap as well or do I need to get more crit to be crit capped after my start go down to ilvl20.

affixes are scaled down to Item level 20 values (about 22% to 24% of max) and affix caps are at 40% of max, I think. so Crit chance cap in arena is 24%

there are a few threads where all the Arena Stat Values are listed. I just did a search, and couldn’t find any of them. so it might take a while to actually find them.

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If you happen to stumble on them please let me know.

not sure if this is all of them or how up to date it is. hope this helps.