Arena Rogue Build Help

I recently started playing DQ again and I’m taking the game a bit more seriously so naturally I’m in the process of redoing my builds.

This is “Kinetic” my Poison Flintlock Rogue:

It’s not a real build, basically just 4 Plagued items and whatever else looked cool at the time.

Since I’ve come back I’ve redone 2 of my 6 character builds:

And they’ve been working fine while I work on ascending a character to Eternal Ascension but the issue is neither of them are strong enough to fight in the Arena.

I climbed to 1v1 Legend Arena with Kinetic and my other Warrior (who’s build I’ve taken apart since then). But I’m starting to get stat-checked hard on her.

Mostly I just try and abuse people’s poor AI so even if a character is way stronger I can still steal wins but a lot of the players I fight now I can’t cheese, so I want to know how I should approach building a PvP unit. BTW, if you want to see how an “easier” arena fight goes I made a video: Kinetic Arena Win

My two farmers are useless in Arena and I want to still climb to Eternal (since I’m in top 30% of mythic rn) while farming and ascending characters.

I used up all my Mythstones getting Elixirs so I’d appreciate any guidance people have for building up Rogues. I’m not sure if I want to keep a Flintlock build or not so any insight on if Flintlock or Chakram’s are easier to build would be nice.

TYSM in advance <3.

most PVE builds don’t do well once you get into Mythic & Eternal League. that’s because some affixes don’t work or suck in PVP while doing good in PVE. of course, some affixes do better in PVP than in PVE.

I have gotten into Eternal League using only Epic affixes, and gotten into Division 5 a few times, but mostly into 7 or 8.

Plagued Set sucks in PVP, but Plagued Set Bonus affix rocks in PVP for many builds.

+100% & +200% WD and +20% & +100% ED usually suck in PVP but +5000 WD & +5000 ED work lots better.

I don’t know lots about PVP myself, I’m still learning, but do a Search :mag: on PVP Builds to see what the good PVP Players are using on their Equipment.

some skills don’t work well in PVP either, but many do. and of course, some Skills are awesome and seem OP.

last, the more damage you do, the lower your defense will be, and vice versa. and then there’s the balanced build…

last is learning how the A.I. works for your own Characters for defense when you are offline and someone else is trying to knock you down in the rankings.

If you looking for an arena build bout Rogue,i recom for you to using my basic build I have a treat for you all