Around 12H per day for farming, still never get ' rare legends '

I played this game almost 12hours per days :3 , i farming in challenge maps 250++, never get rare legends item like ragnarok,Vacuus scipious, nadroji set :3 why ???
Very very disapointed :"v

hang in there… new patch is awesome… =x opps… you didnt hear it from me :innocent:

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It’s hard to get any of those without having the nadroji set affix at 5. So you should continue farming at max luck and item drop till you get first nadroji, then it becomes alot easier. I get a rare legend once every 5 hours or so.

Do you have max luck of 650?
Max item drop of 200?
A hireling to help?

I dont use any luck or item drop, my FORTUNE also 0, i dont hire any heroes , because i can clear the maps just 1m 45sec ( around that ) with my rogue Frozen Chackram build

What do you mean by that? Do you mean change some affixes in my equipment?

you need more luck and item drop %. that way you will get more items in exchange for more chances at getting legend item.

Yes you need to change some of your equipments.

Luck affects items that drop. The more luck the better as It affects the rarity of the drop.
If you have high item drop you get more loot = more items.

Hireling gives you a bonus 100 item drop and helping in clearing the map.
But you got to invest on your hireling as well due to luck/gf/item drop is averaged.

Max Luck 650
Max item drop is 200
Max gold find is 650 as well.

Nadroji set affix also helps in getting rare legends.

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If i change my equip to item drop and luck, then my hired heroes too
Is the hired heroes item drop and luck will be effected for the item drop and luck,n

I didn’t think luck, gold find, and item drop were too important about a week ago either, but once I got them almost maxed, I realized what I was missing. With around 130% ID and 500% Luck, I’ve gotten the crystals and four eternals in about week’s time, maybe an hour a day. I actually got a cataclysm on floor 5 for rogue yesterday; my first ever. :smiley: Usually, I buy a couple maps from the store at floor 101, and I max them out on affixes with Larimar, then play them to 200, scrap, then start over, each time using Larimar to max them.

It’s average


Main has 500 luck
Hireling has 450 luck

950/2 = 475 Total Luck.
It doesn’t matter who kills the mob.
Same scenario with item drop and gold find.

And as of the moment farming set affix only works on main.
Eternalized, Mythical, nadroji, Crystalline.

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Look here, its my legends item collected for 2 days :'3 , i sold them out all,EJt2Fic,cP89As9,tRXFwd5

Patient is the key here
It took me 2 months to look for a Ragnarok hammer lol


I saw on a post somewhere here that the chances of an eternal are like 1 in 100, and a Crystal is even lower, and that’s with maxed ID and Luck.


Yes i like farming, dont mean i have a good patient :'3

You dont need to go to a higher map floor, just try floor 190-200(map) repeat 190 if you reach 200 just like that, its mor effective if have luck and item drop affix

I like playing high level maps (500+) because eternal legends have 100% chance to be level 100. Plus higher heroic points. I think you should play at a level where you can 1 shot almost any mob. The only mobs that I can’t 1 hit KO are legend and mythic mobs, plus a few epic mobs like the worm and that stone throwing semi giant. Extra health’ed elites too.

i dont believe in luck. 1st time i DL and played this game, at 50+ floor im getting good epic gears and also legend gears with nice stats, after i un install my game and play again its hard to get legends item anymore :frowning:

My game is updated and i got 6 rare legends earlier