Attention: iOS platforms have a major update issue (6/10/2016)

Sadly there was a pretty major mixup with the upload of the new iOS version, 2.2. An old binary was linked instead of the latest one, which has caused the latest update to be a much older version, 2.0.

This will cause the following issues:

  • Appearance of data lost - Arena Level, Ascensions
  • Item Checker failures on 2.1+ items, causing “Bad Affixes”.
  • Upload capability disabled

The data from Arena Level and Ascensions will still be on your save data, but they won’t appear in the UI.

Also, if you have uploaded before this patch, your data will be safe on the server. However, if you have not uploaded recently or have had a bad upload/download, we will have to support your account directly at

We have the proper patch uploaded to Apple/iTunes, and review normally takes 2-3 days. We’re requesting an emergency upload to Apple, but we’re not sure we’ll get it.

There will be bonuses and items given to players affected by this issue, and we’re very sorry for this patch mistake!


The latest patch fixing this issue is now live on iTunes. Verify by pressing “Options” that your Client version reads “2.2”.

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is this the right version

yesterday i uploaded not knowing about the error, now my when i updated my char was in the wrong lvl from what i remember, and the ascension lvl disappeared what will i do now?

@Astarte I don’t believe that’s ios :smile:

Please contact our support! For more instruction see here: Account Issues? Read here first

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So it’s safe for android users?


wow bonuses and items compensation :scream:

I’d rather have no problems and play as normal than go through a nightmare and get some bonuses!
However, I do applaud the bonuses for those unfortunate enough to have been affected. It could have just been a roll back to last good save data.

I can’t upload my data. Pls help meeeee

And I can’t even play pvp :neutral_face:. It just closes

There is a version for android and Amazon. The Amazon was just added last night(i think). I got an error message when I tried to save and that’s when it notified me I needed to update to the new version.

Hope this helps. Oh, I was also not about to load PVP and the 5 minute bonuses weren’t working on my Kindle until I did the update. The bonuses are still kind of hit and miss, but it is usually after a long play session.

if I could give any advice for the next update