Banned League


How to determine a player if he’s on banned league or not?


If you dont see @Mr_Scooty on the leaderboards​:joy::joy:


Here’s a picture of the legit league




im not using modded/edited gear. please be fair. :smirk:


Send an email to


Thanks Bro. want to ask something. using Eternal Pet like this. they will put you in banned league? :anguished: :anguished: :anguished:


They usually report eternal pets and the devs will check if it is legitimately looted or Edited.


yeah, you’re in banned league. you have the same leaderboards as me. unfortunately auto ban takes some of us.

however to answer your other question: no, using an eternal pet will not cause you to be banned. Many users have them and use them, it might have to do with uploading / downloading your account. If you email they should be able to help you out! Best of luck :slight_smile:


Are you using a PC android emulator to play Dungeon Quest?


no. im using phone Samsung SM-J700H Stock and Non Rooted.


@kiane_zaine follow instructions below and the developer will get with you to see what is going on with your account. Hopefully they will get you fixed back up. :+1:


done @Mr_Scooty


Does using PC android emulator will ban DQ account??Then Why??:cry: I’m currently playing DQ in PC cuz I don’t have any cellphones…


No it doesn’t, I was just curious is all.


Thanks Guys… now im on the League again… :wink:


Welcome back. :grinning:


Welcome to the Legit’s division sir :grin::+1: Have fun!