Base Stat Caps?

look at the quality of both sir, sir.
also consider the nature of it too.
e.g. axe of haste 0% compared to axe of greed 0%, has slightly bigger dps on offensive stat.
however, if you use a golden vein, axe of greed will be better. however if you use ice element on ice dungeon it will be lower. however if you use it on floor 200 and so on.

p.s.: that’s the reason why we have general comparison bars on (so far) dmg, protect, and hp. yet most of us prefer a more elaborate and complicated explanation, which is nice.

well then, u’ve been totally misinformed, Idk and CMIIW, but AFAIK the quality affects DPS, let’s see if anyone (who is better informed) can clarify this.
and, if nature can’t effect DPS, try to use all of your Beryl to change your Golden Vein item’s nature to Greed, and see if it doesn’t change anything. trust me, I tried, but ran outta Beryl.

I read it somewhere, so lazy to dig it all up again. and yes, quality does affect dps.

I change my mind, here you go :

and here’s the link :

you can thank me later.


Ctrl+F : “Quality” (or WIQ)