Battle with friends?

I want to have battle with my friends in dungeon quest.I’m hoping there would be like a PvP with friends in near future.

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Again, get schooled, kids. :sunglasses:


Lol he’s saying that if can battle with friends at pop not auction or trading

Skaul is trying to get him to read the last part: “DQ is an offline game.”
That’s a huge charm for DQ, is its offline aspect. Can pick up and play anywhere. Doubt the devs would get rid of that.


Actually lots of peeps don’t really care about offline,we just want the game to be awesome then other rpgs on online so that lots people with play

recoding will take lots of time to do it

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Yea, good idea! Lets make this online with lots of bugs and adverts and asking for money every five seconds…
Thats a joke and a joke is what other gmaes are becoming, but dungeon quest has stayed true to what made games fun to play by not becoming solely based around online
i can almost gurantee that if dungeon quest was to become an online game then you would be faced with buy this and that every five minutes because of how expensive large scale games like that are to keep running… I would like to see a lot of thinks in this game but the draw backs outweigh the gains at every turn.
If that is the kind of game you wanna play which has all the benefits but is a pay to play game, their are a lot of games like that, such as dungeon hunter, soul craft and various others you can find fairly quickly on the play store, but if your feeling really into it then PC has pretty much everything you could dream of. But i like dungeon quest, maybe less so the direction its heading for but i like it now :slight_smile:


Yep, DQ is offline but you need wifi for play in arena for found a match

Yes but it’s optional and you not forced into having to play online just to get the benefit. I would never play any other mobile game except dq because as teacup and others said: it is an offline game and taking that away will kill the joy.

I love the game because I can play everywhere I go, I searched for 1-2 years for a reliable offline game like this game and it Is fun. Has a pause button unlike most games and that is good for anyone. Also, not a pay to win although maybe it kind of is when you see that hirlings have huge benefit over solo farming and just having hirling helps you to understand all classes better. Then again, @Teacup gave me hirlings for free anyways and since then, I made so much progress and gained so much knowledge. As a bonus he also gave me premium stash, crystal/mythstone stashes and also the premium reveal map function as well as unlocking every slot of hirlings, not just 1 slot.

I do think maybe we should free up at least one hirling spot for free of charge because some people will not pay a penny (me for eg) and so much knowledge you can gain just from 1 hirling or two. Then again, I think we should keep all except 1 slot costing 0.99 dollars because that’s how shinybox gains their income (excluding vanities and premium stuff, it is an easy way to give income because its only $0.99. If I had a redeemable card or credit/debit card, I would definitely buy those slots for myself since just paying for 1 hirling makes a massive difference. For most people, that offer isn’t a big deal. It’s just that I couldn’t get a redeemable card because I thought my parents would never get me one even for £5 or couldn’t get them to pay for it because I was thinking they wouldnt pay a penny.

I would quit if they made it online only or play alot less than I used to and probably suck. Online games are annoying because pay to win, if internet goes out, well your screwed (often happens to me) and more. The closest thing we got to an online dq is the free ad boosts and arena but I can choose not to use them and play in flight mode which I like. Also this is the best arpg I ever played and this game deserves so much more recognition than it already deserves.

People in my area just bad mouth it because of the $0.99 offers and that it looks boring/repetitive and no purpose. They say that yet play games even more boring and repetitive such as the many angry birds games, pay to win games such as star wars battle front dlcs, call of f&*#ing duty dlcs and other games which cost more than in game purchases. Also some people are kind of forced to buy dlcs otherwise they can’t continue. I feel special and different/unique to the crowd when playing this game and can be even more special and unqiue by following in cronos footsteps being, make unqiue concepts and builds.

playing offline is the best :smile:


how about making a chat box if u got net connection. it wouldnt affect the game much right? :fearful:

Facebook :wink:

doing chat box will be a good and bad for me for example about some bad mouth or spammer to the chat box xD will it will still be a good for some reason but my question here is will the legit and cheater league can chat to each other?

with that issue u can put /block :smiling_imp: come on itll add some fun while playing

Yup. Online. Pfft! Screw them! The online things I do like on this game though are those free boost adverts, leaderboard, google play quest, mail, battle arena and battle arena leaderboard. Uploading progress included as well.

This is how online I want it to be. No more, no less! If anything, anymore online features would kill the fun of this game. My internet is already quite bad and not always good. The only time I ever use the internet for this game is when I am at home or weekends/weekdays which isn’t often. The other online thing about this game is the forum as well and the wiki ofc but thats different story.

your right im having a problem to my internet connection too still playing offline is the best :smile:

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duh. thats why u can still play online or offline.

Hahaha I have strong internet connection but sometimes when I play PvP its says “CONNECTION TIMEOUT” Even if I had a strong connection although I love playing offline and still farming for chance to have a ultra rare legend items.

Yup. I am like that even if the internet has good connection. The only good use of it for dq play I use it for is those ad boosts but other than that, I play offline if need be. Its even better now that collecting enough orbs gets you a boost anyways. Hardwork for reward wins!

Offline best part of the game.

Yup offline is best even if its brownout and you cannot online.I like DQ because its offline and online

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