Battle with Mr.scooty


Hi Mr. Scooty I want a match with u now plz
21 savage
@john wick@
Name of my player


IGN name sounds scary and dangerous. on which div are you now? :joy:


Still on mythic legend but see he the number one player on the game I want a match with him although he is strong in power an low on HP my new name 21- Savage an I want Mr.scooty😂


@Last-Assassin goodluck on your Journey to Eternal League. :joy_cat: we will wait for you there @ DIV 1. :see_no_evil:


I sure I can beat u




I’m your Huckleberry.


are you sure? hahaha :rofl:


Lol when we battle u see


@Last-Assassin on which Division are you now?


Not on ur legend yet about 25 move ppl I have to take out an I’m on ur legend the purple one


@Last-Assassin its a long long Journey to reach Eternal Division. but i like your fighting spirit. so keep it up. who knows one of these days you will face @Mr_Scooty. so GOOD LUCK!


I done take out over 600 ppl already loss about 200 an some so


The empire
John wick


@Last-Assassin hell yeah! its like privilege battling with @MR_Scooty than reaching TOP 1? now i understand. :smile:




Ít’ß 656 wins an 303 lose


Have order players but only one on what legend doh really play with that player much its a warrior


1 - 20


@Last-Assasin go go go!!!