Battle with Mr.scooty


@D_MESSIAH @MR_Scooty @dickwad @Golem @CuzegSpiked @Last-Assassin :muscle:


I thought it was face to face battle. But nice! Goodjob anyway!:grin::+1:


@Mr_Scooty not only the build but also the AI settings is freaking good :bowing_man:


@Kirby1 yes. totally agree with you. Toughest AI ever. need strategy to kill @Mr_Scooty’s AI. using Vault to blind him as my only defense. lol. sneaky trick. but need a good timing.


so would it be easy to take out his AI using blind and some other form of attack to keep him back while attacking from far away?


lol what am I talking about @Mr_Scooty is a pvp god it wont be easy to take him down no it wont :confused:


Nice one @kaine_zaine im still pushing


God u say lol can’t wait to battle with u all lol u see who is more God like lol😂



Outstanding. I attempted to play earlier but my internet defeated me in 2v2. Go for MMR 2700!

A defeat is still a defeat, even if you play hide and seek. Good job. :+1:


Thank you so very much for the amazing compliment @Kirby1 and @kiane_zaine. :grinning:


@Mr_Scooty are you active in arena always? or not?


Not active… I rarely play. I tried to load up the Halloween vanity last week but they did not appear for all to view. I wanted to test something in 2v2 but my internet stopped me earlier. I will briefly play again when Halloween vanity available for all players. :+1:


i want to have that EYE VANITY… or maybe the Dev. give all the players other type of halloween vanity…


I will find out when Halloween vanity will be released. The :eye: vanity is a favorite.


@Mr_Scooty with your Warrior (Aswang) even AI. no other way but to hit and run. cant win if the style is face to face battle. :+1: see you in arena.

off topic. any chance to get those old vanities? i want those vanities.


@dickwad you see how Vault works? :slight_smile: just need a good timing to Blind your Opponent. :smile:



The Arena awaits.

Vanities from all PvP seasons link below.



those Back Vanities. give it to me!


hahahaha… me too…


ikr same