Battle with Mr.scooty


I know he settings AI :smile:


dead battle with @Mr_Scooty not now. But soon.


from AXE to Lance. is he active?


Not active but that’s a great gif. :grinning:


@Mr_Scooty im not that active anymore. but sometimes i played when im off from work. im just waiting for DQ2. and Arena Reset perhaps? :eyes:



No.1 guide with you Prepare your build be’ for combat @DARKBOOKS


i’m hoping to be back in the legit league!!!


yes. i agree. @tdaniel @D_MESSIAH is legit. i dunnow why so may players complaining about Eternal Divination with Cyan affix. thats Normal though.


thanks for the support !!!


Miss you bro. Why what hapen to your account was end. There are legit no essue.
This player was very mad and abuse in a team mates. After a month my account can report this :point_right: WellPlay :point_left: is the name of that can well do repport you and my.


i’m so sad for this…


I lost to @CuzegSpiked recently. Good game. My character in play was not suitable. Another would have been. But you can never know when the match will happen.