best hp renewal for pvp, for warrior

how much hp renewal do you think can be for the warrior

depends on how much you want to win, how much healing you want to put on your Equipment, and how much damage you want to do to your enemy. you can put a lot of extra HP and Healing on your Equipment, but you wont have much space left to do Damage. your Warrior can have a lot of HP & Healing, but can still be killed by a player with low HP and lots of DMG. Armor, All Resist, and Damage Reduction are also important.


my warrior does not die if I want the sorcerer to hit a lot of items for which it works

I’m actually doing these things from google translation

this is a post that shows the basics of making powerful PVP Builds. there is much advice for Beginners and players who have been playing DQ for a long time.

I hope this can help you with your PVP Warrior.


I wonder why I can’t actually regen more than 20,000 hp at pve?

the Cap for HP & MP Regen is 20k for each in Campaign Mode.

my warrior 6 items from the druidic set, there is also each item hp regen, mythic harmony, including that will help you more? if there is

the Regen boost from Druidic Set would count towards the Regen Cap, but I don’t think Harmony would affect the amount of Regen towards the Cap.

I have never gotten even half way to the Regen Cap, so I am not sure how Harmony would work if you had HP and/or MP Regen maxed out.

Harmony is a situational Mythic. it only works when your HP or MP is lowered and is being replaced with Regen or any other healing. if you are going to have that much Regen for HP & MP, you probably don’t really need Harmony.


So what can I suggest instead of harmony?

This is a finaly black magic orb build you need to prob it your HDR like this injoy.:wink:


Black Magic Orb Build Release

No additional descriptions, explanations or disclaimers required. This is a challenging all-around build that offers severe unpredictability for your opponents. Pure Resistance build. Enjoy


well, now that I think about it, this thread is about your PVP Build. keep the Harmony for now.

in PVP, both your HP & MP are going to go down. MP from casting Spells to defeat your opponent. HP from your opponent casting Spells to defeat you!

Harmony works with any HP Heals and MP Restoration. if you restore 1000 MP, you heal 250 HP, if your HP is not at max. if you Heal 1000 HP, you restore 250 MP, if your MP is not at max.

you should take the WD% off of your OH, move one of your Epic affixes from your MH to your OH, and put a +5000 Fire on your MH. this will give both your Weapons more DMG than the WD% is giving just one Weapon.


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