best hp renewal for pvp, for warrior

how much hp renewal do you think can be for the warrior

depends on how much you want to win, how much healing you want to put on your Equipment, and how much damage you want to do to your enemy. you can put a lot of extra HP and Healing on your Equipment, but you wont have much space left to do Damage. your Warrior can have a lot of HP & Healing, but can still be killed by a player with low HP and lots of DMG. Armor, All Resist, and Damage Reduction are also important.

my warrior does not die if I want the sorcerer to hit a lot of items for which it works

I’m actually doing these things from google translation

this is a post that shows the basics of making powerful PVP Builds. there is much advice for Beginners and players who have been playing DQ for a long time.

I hope this can help you with your PVP Warrior.

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