Best Warrior Build for pve?

Hi, I’m new member. I’ve been playing since first month the game release, but taking break months ago but now I hv plenty of time to play again.
So uh, I’m not familiar with the new patches and stuff yet. I’ll be straight : Whats the best build for pve warrior ?
Please gimme your ideas (anything is fine, even the craziest one), including gears/skill/talent/ etc for the build to the max. The key is tht it should be strong enuff to survive 1000+ floor on myth 3; short-lived raw damage build isnt necessary.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

try my build look at topics

umm…link pls?
sorry but the forums format isnt too friendly or is it just me. Havin hard time to browse/read/write on it. Im using chrome android btw

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Best build so far is Arcanist Ascendant build with a hireling, just search for it.

By hireling u mean companion? I hv yet to buy tht… also is it really necessary? I prefer solo tbh.

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try this frozen blade
i see it in this forum and i try it its effective in 1000 floor+ so cool thid build

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Tht looks good. I’m also big fan of torrent. But I would like to know stat and skill points for this build, mind to share? :slight_smile:

…or lets start with editing my build. Tell me what I need to get/change/update to match ur build as close as possible. as for pet, if any of em didnt suit it, pls tell me wht should I get.

Pls help… currently I’m at floor 200ish, so I need to picture wht my build would be :slight_smile:

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100% block, fl1500+…NO die


Uh nice… but the problem for me is the poison and thorny of the mythic boss. How u overcome tht?
and nice pet! I got 12 unusable pet, stupid affixes :frowning:

its better to use horn and lance the adventurer + momentum

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I’ll try tht and see how it goes… any recommended affixes on it?

Element DMG, Elem crit, glass cannon, push the limit, steal for survival :smile:

i used Frozen Blade in 1500 floor with 11M power and 1 HP you will not die .tnt drops is your best enemy in farming. i used Twister and taunt special skill

i personally have the exploding whirlwind build, i cant provide screen shoots as of now. but the jest of it is it can kill a carto in 3 sec 800+ up. good against 120% + pack size, biggest dmg i’ve seen it done is 12B. not as mobile as the anti carto build but it kill’s everything in its way, no survivors.

Whooah so many suggestion lel. I’m trying to mix each of em (genius me!) so heres the current build:

anything I miss??
Also I still cant figure out the advantages of stealth. Enlight me pls…

@emperador u sure mate? U wont die even with 1 hp?? even in skyfall map?

yes 100% sure you can avoid skyfall because of fast moving. thats why i said only tnt drops can kill you. and for that you can change the map affix by using larimar. make sure that they dont have tnt drops on your map

hello Jonathan. nyaw