Best Warrior Build for pve?


Did u not fight anything other than carto?
How u survive against myth boss?

I like to sweep the floor as clean as possible, including all shrine. I might try 100% GC later depending on ur answer tho ^^ (out of crystal atm lel)

Also wht bout stealth?? Should I drop it?


move to the carto and kill it first to loot a next map before you clean the map. with the used of your skill switching. you can touch any mobs . all mobs cant attack because you taunt him then push it by using twister. and frozen will kill do the rest


Ok I got it, but stealth…?


stealth = survival and also movespeed
movespeed + momentum = dmg inceased


So keep/lower/getmore/getrid of it (stealth) ?


if u used taunt . all mobs are going to you. to be add survival. using vanish (blind) all mobs will be blind and they cant touch you


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@Bodom if u like torrent that much farm for this item

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hmm? whats so special bout that?


Torrent proc :joy::joy::joy:


Nah man I’ll pass Ive 100% tht now plus regen stuff isnt really my thing :slight_smile:


But if u hv another interesting stuff which would suit my build pls lemme know


Adventure+Momentum set affix + 3x15%move speed legend affix can be rolled via ruby. it gives great damage boost.


Idk whats wrong with my game man
For example, my momentum affix doesnt give speed bonus, and theres many more. Feels like I’m still in old version, or was it just the description?


By ‘speed bonus’ , you mean that it doesn’t increase your dmg, or that it doesn’t increase your move speed? Cause the last part isn’t supposed to happen.
If it’s the first one that’s the problem - you might be right about having a wrong version. I have a version of a Guided-shot build with momentum/adventurer on my rogue.
Can be hard to compare dmg numbers with or without momentum, cause there’s usually other affixes involved also, BUT - my dmg goes up quite a bit when adventurer is triggered, and I presume it has something to do with momentum - don’t think it’s all ‘adventurer’:
Map just loaded/no adventurer

Picked up gold/adventurer active


Amplifiers and evasion are the key to pve! :sweat_smile:


What’s the purpose of permafrost if you are poison type??