Blinkstrike fanatic


I’m a newbie in this game so i really need help on how to improve/optimise a blinkstrike build…
I have 4 ninja sets,and 2 equality set(for bulk) I’m not too far in the game so i can’t really invest much rss like the past guides posted here…

Also can anyone explain how blinkstrike works? Like do extra attacks helps in blinkstrike procs?

Just a really blinkstrike fanatic…i like watching my rouge flashing in and out of existence while fighting hordes of enemies…XD

Multi Attack and Extra Attack don’t work with any skill unless it’s a MH Primary Skill (Quickattack on Dagger, for example). on the other hand, if you put Skill Points into Blink Strike, you get an extra attack at level 11 and 21 (counts as extra damage, instead of extra Blinks). Mutilate Talent would work great with Blinkstrike, after you get it to level 11 or higher. you also want high Crit Chance and Crit Damage, as Blinkstrike boosts both, so more damage! some Deadly Strike would give a chance for even higher Crit Damage.

getting Blinkstrike Proc would give you a chance for extra Blinkstrikes.

if you want more Loot to make cool Blinkstrike Builds with, maybe make a Blinkstrike Farm Build first.

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for Equality Set, keep your Health & Mana (on the Stat Page) as equal as possible. if they are equal, 100/100 for example, you get the full benefit of Damage & Regen boost from the Set. if they are not equal, 10/100 or 100/80, you would get 10% or 80% of your possible Damage & Regen boost.


@LoliconEmperor i would agree with @Golem s advice.


@Golem…i see you helping the most here(based on my 1 day of scrolling for guides)…

I’m thinking on adding clearcast and mirrorcast + the proc chance does it help to make a spam blinkstrike overload?

@LoliconEmperor If you have mythstone you can craft the resource mythic below by putting mentor, boon death and fortune on 4 empty socket on any gear.




Mirrorcast: a chance for your Skill to be cast a second later for free.

Proc: Proc’s are cast at the same time as any spell you are casting, as long as the Proc’s Cool Down is done.

Specialist: this is a Legend affix that works like Mirrorcast, but only for Special Skills.